Thanks and documentation suggestion

You might want to amend the documentation for Convert > Filename - Tag to make it clear that the "filename" in quesion can include path, like:

g:\music\%genre%\%artist%\%album%\%track% %title%

I only figured this out after Googling for some way to do wholesale tagging like this, and found this page:

I already was using your program, but I didn't understand from the documentation that it could do this. You do have a similar example in the Convert > Tag - Filename section of the documentation.

After I found this out, and experimented with it a little, I was able to tag a directory structure of over 1700 songs in one simple operation, which then allowed me to import them into an iTunes library.

I was so impressed at how well this worked (once I figured it out) and how easy it was, and how much time it saved me, that I went and made a $50 donation!

I would like to point you at the FAq section
that deals with the converter and shows how to create structures with the converter or use the structure to retreive information.