The Case Conversion Option ::: Title Case vs Mixed Case

Hello Everyone

The Case Conversion option provides several ways to display the final sentence letter case. The one that I find lacking, is the Title Case, which requires the correct language case format. Although Mixed Case is close, it capitalizes every word in a sentence. Is it possible to provide an option, or script, for Title Case which closely follows the languasge rules?

Here are some samples of the aforementioned Title Case:

Rock 'n' Roll

Will o' the Wisp
Nowhere to Hide
How to Dismantle an Airplane
Songs I Love to Dance to
Reality Claimed to Be a Friend of Yesterday
Death Jump for Flyers
Pretty in Blue
Came in from the Cold
Love Is in the Air
I Am the Lonely One
That Was Then, This Is Now
You Are So Beautiful
This Is As Good As It Gets
I vs. Me

Thank you.

These rules probably only apply to the English language, right? In German or French they would not be valid, I guess.
Have a look at this thread
it might help.

Thank you, Ohrenkino. Yes, it applies to English.

There has been a similar exercise with the "grammatron" conversion:


I have installed the natural Mixed Case Extensions, but in setting up the mapping of the FLAC tag fields according to Nature's instructions, I need to know if it is best to delete the item highlighted in red:

I do not yet fully understand all the implications of what I am doing here, but I will test everthng once it is correctly set up.

Thank you for your pointing me in the right direction.

Mapping the flac fields to mp3 fields is only necessary if you actually use flac files.
For mp3 tags no mapping is necessary. These are serviced by MP3tag.

When you say "if you actually use flac files", do you mean as in play or tag them? My complete CD-collection has just been ripped to FLAC. I need to correctly tag them. Should I remove the first line Vorbis Comment DATE Year?

Could you please tell me too, if it is possible to move actions between groups, or do they have to be recreated anew?


If you want to tag FLAC files, then I would think that you need the mapping list. I would not delete anything.

You cannot really move actions between action groups.
You can copy an action group and then continue to modify that group.

Thank you, ohrenkino :slight_smile: