This tag code does not work

Alright, when I tried using that action and in iTunes the track number the action did was like 1 of 101, 1 of 102, and so on. Would that be correct?

1.) What should each track be filled for the track number on a single CD? Like should I replace like this 1 of 101, 2 of 102?

2.) The question applies here as #1, but for multiple CDs this time?

3.) On a single CD, should I leave the disc number filled as 1 of 1? Or should I leave it blank because its a single CD?

Man, I cannot look over your shoulder! You have to be as exact as possible when you describe your data. And apparently, the discnumber you used does not show a simple "1" but "1/1".
So, "1/1" + "01" becomes 1/101 which iTunes interprets as 1 of 101. I would say this is rubbish.
Discnumber should only contain a single digit.
Or you would have to modify the formatting statement (for future tracks with original track numbers)
This should answer question #2 as well.

As for #3: that is up to you. If you insert a discnumber all the time and apply the tracknumber-formatting-action, you get a unified track numbering.
If you want to distinguish then do not to apply the tracknumber-formatting-action to the tracks from single-cd-albums.
Then, all the tracks from multi-cd-albums have track numbers above 100, all those from singel-cd-albums are below 100.

Oh, so that action is rubbish and you would not recommend it, right?

Oh, well - that is a question of the point of view.
I would say, it follows strictly the GIGO principle - garbage in, garbage out. And in respect to the format of the discnumber it was garbage as the discnumber did not follow the assumed format: a plain digit.
If these requirements are met, the action is perfect.
The action is absolute rubbish it you want it to follow the DWIM concept: do what I mean. In such an environment it must fail.

If that action is garbage and rubbish then why did you give me that action in the first place?

I think we can end this conversation.
Do not expect any further help from me.
Have fun with the product.
Perhaps someone else is willing to assist.

I'm sorry. What did I say so wrong to you? You said that action is rubbish and garbage, right? All I asked was did you give it to me? That is all. Why don't you want to assist me?

Maybe a moderator could delete my account? It seems I'm not welcome here? He points out that action is rubbish and I return a questions by asking why give me that action if its rubbish and now doesn't want to assist me? Maybe have a moderator delete my account? I don't mean to be rude by asking to have my account deleted but honestly it should be done.

You're still welcome. Just because it's not working out with one user from shouldn't discourage you.
Communication here is not always easy.
If you read again, he didn't call the action rubbish at first but you interpreted it that way.
I guess it's a strong wrong in your language and he probably should have expressed it differently.

But he also gave you a hint how to handle your discnumber format of x/y
with the string

Well I hope you can test now if the 101,201,301 tracknumber format is actually helping you with your ipod situation.

Hi dano,

Thank you for explaining it to me! I'll try that string instead of the first one. I'm sorry and my apologies I interpreted it the wrong way.

May I ask would this be correct?

In Filename-tag, I would still use this, right? CD%discnumber%\%dummy%

And the only difference would be instead of using this as a format-value "%discnumber%$num(%track%,2)" I would use this one which is "$num(%discnumber%,1)$num(%track%,2)" and that is the one to use, right?

Let me talk about a different approach first...
When I look at your screenshot of that box Beyond Description I see the album tag is
Wake of the Flood
So I guess the album tag of the second disc is From the Mars Hotel
That means you have different album tags across that set and you should already be able to find each disc separately in your player.
I'd keep it that way for this kind of box set with different disc titles.

For normal multi disc releases just make sure they have proper discnumber tags. If that's not enough you can still change the track number or album tags.

Thank you so much, dano!


Would you recommend for normal multi disc to use iTunes and edit the track title by hand and in front of the title enter in 101 for CD1, 201 for CD2, and etc? Or would this action be the same but it would be automatic instead?

Why do you want to change the titles?

I'll tell you why and would you be able to help me?

If I am working with a two CD album for example, but I do have albums more then two CDs but for this example it's two CDs.

CD1 has 11 tracks
CD2 has 9 tracks

I have it tagged as the following in iTunes.

Highlight all 11 tracks from CD1, and use disc 1 of 2 and track would be 1 of 11, 2 of 11, etc

Then highlight all 9 track from CD2, and use disc 2 of 2 and track would be 1 of 9, 2 of 9, etc.

I have the iPod Classic 160GB the older model.

When I play it would be grouped as 1 of 20, and if I want disc 2 then disc 2 starts playing at track 12 and not track 1. How would I like it using this example and not using this example? I would like every disc to start playing at track 1 and not the next track in numerical order meaning disc 1 plays at track 1, disc 2 plays at track 1, disc 3 plays at track 1 and numerical order means if there are 25 tracks on disc 2 then I don't want disc 3 to start playing at track 26.

I hope I explained that well.

Ok but I'm not sure if changing the titles will help you achieve that.

But you can try it, also with a Format value action:

Field: TITLE
Format string: $num(%discnumber%,1)$num(%track%,2) %title%

1.) Should I use filename-tag first? If yes then use this CD%discnumber%\%dummy% and then do actions (quick) then apply the action you provided me in this quote?

2.) Will your action work from what I wish to achive?

  1. You only need that if you have no proper discnumber tag.
    And then the format string depends on your folder structure.

  2. You'll have to try it.

I was honestly thinking its an action I could use for my multi discs regardless of the structure and regardless of the tags, but I guess I thought wrong?