Title case

Does anyone know the expression to Title case words between brackets?

So that

Song Title (between brackets)


Song Title (Between Brackets)



Create a user defined action of the type modify case
Set the mode to "Normal".
Enter as characters that define the delimiters between words at least a blank (space) and the opening bracket.
In addition you can enter any other character which serves as separator between words.

Brilliant! Thanks very much!!

By the way, I could only seem to do it for the field name _ALL as couldn't find a field called "Title"

Tried it on"TRACK" but it didn't work

Track describes the track number.
_All modifies all tags including the pseudo tags like _filename - there was once an issue when modifying mp3 to Mp3 or even MP3 as the suffix caused havoc in the filesystem.

Press the arrow-button in the dialogue to get a list of available tags. "Title" should be among them (do update to the latest version - earlier versions did not have the Title in all of these selection lists).

Just upgraded to 2.48 and TITLE not in the drop down list for the action case conversion?

That is really strange - what kind of file- and tag-format do you have?
(I am not very good at flac ...)

Just normal mp3s. Tag format? Not sure what you mean by that, sorry!

OK - as tag formats there is v1, v2.3 and APE.
APE usually only causes trouble ...
But this should no affect the display of the program ... now I am at my wits end.
(all the other tags like artist, albumartist, albumsort etc are there, right? Only title is missing ..? Haven't got a clue)

Yeah the drop down starts



Must be at least 70 options, but not TITLE!

If it can't be done, it can't be done. Thanks for your help with this anyway! Much appreciated

Try to reset the list of tag-fields.


I don't know how to do that I'm afraid. Could you explain if you get the chance?

where is the "title" tag ?

FANTASTIC. Thanks very much!

I'm sorry I'm being thick, is this in custom actions? if so which one?

See /t/967/1
to create a new action. If you have come so far that you have entered a name four action(s) then you can select the action type from a dropdown list. There you find an entry for case conversion. Select that and follow the dialogue.
Also enter the characters which indicate the start of a word (and after which the case should change) in the input box at the bottom of the dialogue.