Title change after feedb is annoying!

I have been using the feedb... option to get album art mostly from Amazon.com (the two options to the left of the tools icon). The problem is after I select the image and save, the title also changes most of the time. It also changes sometime when I add the same image to multiple songs by the same artist. I had to go back and manually change my titles back to the filename on several hundred files now and it's very annoying.

Here are some images of what I am doing:

The next screen looks like this:

And then I am left with this:

When the dialog box opens up there is not even a Title tag option. So why do my titles keep changing if I don't want them too? The only tags I see are: Artist, Album, Year, Genre, Comment, and Tracks (which I never touch or highlight).

I can use the Coverart>Amazon.com for my artwork but it's nice to see all the other tags while I am at it and make any changes all at one. Do I need to select the appropriate track on this exact album?

Anyone know how to stop this from happening?

Yes. You yourself.

If you only want to get the album cover then do not use the amazon link on the first level of the menu but dig into the level "cover art" of the same menu and choose amazon there. This only loads the cover.

if you still want to use the first level, then you would have to also select the correct track in the list

maybe you want to test this one: /t/11166/1

Got it. Thank you!

Like ohrenkino said, the problem here is not MP3Tag doing the wrong thing. Look in your screenshot that has the Adjust Tag Information dialog. See how you've got your track lined up with "Turn It On Again"? That's why the title changes. If you used the "Move Down" button to move the song down to track #4, it would stay correct.

Also, and this might be just me, but I would use the original album artwork, and not some budget greatest hits compilation; namely, this:

But that's just me....

QUOTE (flaminio @ Nov 10 2011, 23:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Also, and this might be just me, but I would use the original album artwork, and not some budget greatest hits compilation; namely, this:

:slight_smile: ) If I have to put say 6 different images for each artist I would assume it will waste space on my small player. If that is the case then I will stick to greatest hits.

Also, thanks for showing me exactly why the title was changing. I needed to know that. Basically if I use this method again, I must select the appropriate track.

If you're embedding the album art in the MP3, it doesn't matter what the source is, or how many you're doing -- a copy gets saved in each MP3.

As for valuable space, unless you're using huge artwork, it won't appreciably effect the size. A typical album art (like the one in your example pictures above) is around 25 kilobytes, while an MP3 song file is more likely 4 or 5 megabytes. Your 2 GB player probably holds about 400 songs; if you embedded different artwork in every single file, you would only lose space for two or three songs; maybe five at most. So, you'd only have 395 songs instead of 400. No big deal.

No problem! That's pretty much how I do it. Find the album, slide the track down to its appropriate spot, and tag away.

Cool. I had no idea the images were so small. Thanks again.