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I like a lot Collection series. So, I have a lot of multi-discs albums. At time, the TOOLS/Auto-numbering Wizard is very powerfull. With a simple + I can renumber the list of tracks. Great!
However, to renumber DISCS it's a pain: I need to select each group of tracks, write the discnumber in the form of X/Y, write the selection, and loop to next group.

Please, can you create something similar for DICS ?
Thank you!

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My suggestion is about to create new "wizard" for "Disc re-numbering". The idea more or less can be:

  • If a disc number is present, replace it with the "X/Y" format like it does now the "Track re-number wizard".
  • If no disc number is present, then get the number from the folder name.
  • As last change, if just one folder, then use the track number and the current order to "calculate" the number of discs: if a serie of track numbers are like "1-20,1-21,1-19" then you can assume that are 3 dics.

I hope someone accepts this idea and implements it.

You can already now harvest the foldername to get the discnumber.
See the FAQs: Converters to rename files or to import tags

If you sort this set of files by track number, so that all the 1s stick together, then the 2s and so on, then you could assign a discnumber with an action
Format value for DISCNUMBER
Format string: $add($div(%_counter%,3),1)
This should set 1 to the 1st, 2 to the 2nd, 3 to the 3rd file and then 1 to the 4th and so on.

As there is an option within the Autonumbering wizard to "reset counter for each directory" it would seem that MP3Tag already calculates directories/discs so it would seem that perhaps it wouldn't be a reach to add in the Disc number request if MP3Tag already has the data would more than likely need a checkbox option added to the effect of "if multiple directories add Disc Number (per Directory)" that way anyone who wants to avoid having a Disc Number for a single disc can opt out such as myself.

No, MP3tag does not calculate. It simply detects that the directory has changed.
So if you do not sort the files by folder but, let's say, alphabetically by title, the folder of a collection of more than one folder will get several 1s in one folder - everytime a new folder is detected, the counter is reset.
MP3tag does not know anything about discs or whether files belong together and MP3tag does not remember anything from the previous file.

The automatic only has to be used, if ...
the files of a multi-disc-set have to be stored in several folders
the discnumber should be indicated in the field DISCNUMBER (which hardly any player shows)
the discnumber has to be set after the files have been created initially.

It is also possible to store the files in just one folder but to indicate the disc number as part of the track number.
So track 1 on disc 1 would get as track number 101, track 2 would be 102, 4th track on disc 2 would be 204.
This numbering scheme works with up to 99 discs and 99 tracks per disc.
The track number is shown by more or less any player, so you can even sort the files on players with rather basic functions.
The offset can be set during extracting files from the CDs without the need of filling the field DISCNUMBER.
If you still want to have data in the field DISCNUMBER, you can extract it easily with an action of the type "format value" for DISCNUMBER and the
format string: $div(%track%,100).
No auto-numbering needed, these functions are already there, so you can bridge the time until the function gets implemented.

One never knows what the future brings ...

if all files are named
folder cd1
01 - song.mp3
02 - song.mp3
folder cd2
01 - song.mp3
02 - song.mp3
why can't you just tell mp3tag
every file in the first folder gets named DISCNUMBER 1 no matter what the folders name is eg folders could be named a b c or whatever

3 folders = 3 discs only thing that mp3tag needs to do is count the sob folders
why is it so hard ? just add a better way to do this
it's taken over 12 years

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Just wanted to let you know that some kind of disc-numbering wizard is on my internal list.

I'll keep you posted.

Mp3tag v2.94 added support for disc numbers to the auto-numbering wizard at Ctrl+K.

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