Track Number auto filled in titel

Hi i'm new here and with mp3tag I can do it manually track by track but I wonder if it can be automated.

Why would one want the track number added in the title, well it's the only way to let my smart tv show me the songs in the correct order and not alphabetical. It is the only work around I could think off after reading many forums with complaints but no answer. Well mp3tag does the job but can it do it automated is the question?. I can't find an anwer, I as mp3tag newbee can understand. the 1,2 button does not do the job. I don't even have to visually see the tracknumber, it just has to be in the tagtitle for Allshare to think it's in alphabetical order which it isn't. It's just in the correct order.

Yes I know there's other software to stream to a Smart TV but using just the TV itself and Allshare on the TV my whole family understands it.

I hope anyone here can help me.
Thnx in advance

No, no comments on the track number in the title.
Now, to get that absolutely clear: are we talking about the tag-field TITLE or the filename?
If you want to manipulate the TITLE it would be best to have also a filled TRACK field. If that is not yet filled (can be checked in the files list of MP3tag) use the numbering wizard to get an ascending sequence.

And here comes the bit for TITLE:
Create a new action (see FAQs for that: /t/967/1 with a name of your choice, e.g. "Number titles"
Select the type "Format value"
Select the field TITLE.
Enter as format string:
Press OK and OK again and Close.
Select the files that should get the modified TITLE and then select the action from the Dropdown list Actions.
Run this action only once per file as you otherwise will get duplicate track numbers in front.

Thnx a million that worked like a charm!!!