Track numbers taken away from Title field?


I just did a quick selection of 20 files of a movie soundtrack. They had their tags edited manually in Winamp before, and like usual, I put the track # again in front of the song title (so it's easily viewable).

But when doing a batch edit of those 20 files in Mp3tag (editing the Year for all), the program seems to have taken away all the track numbers I had in the front of the title...

Please check if the file has different Tags and if you accidently display the Tag without the leading tracknumbers. You can edit the tag reading and writing options at Options, Tags, Mpeg.

BTW: tracknumbers are well stored in the track# tag field :slight_smile:

~ Florian

I understand that, that the tracknumber field is there, but in Winamp, I don't see the tracknumber in the playlist, so for years I have been putting an additional track number in the Title field before the name.

Now that I think of it, surely there's a way to customize how Winamp displays entries in it's play list? DOH...

Anyhow, I'm sure the 'accident' I encountered had to do with me enabling (?) the option of "Leading 0's for track numbers" which I thought was a good thing. Maybe it;s unrelated and that option only deals with the Track field. Peculiar, I downloaded the Beta and that option is gone.

I'll test various operations some more, with your program, before I work on my entire 30gb collection and mess up a lot of manual tag work over the years.

OK, i found that the old Winamp (which I still use) can't do the advanced playlist displaying...

but the new Winamp has a way for you to do a lot. Look in Preferences/Titles

Now I have to go through my entire collection removing tracknumbers from the start of the title ... =(

With your program, I wish there was a way to delete the first X characters, or the last X characters... if u get my drift =)

Hi, another post by me =)

I tried a tag editor called Abander, and it has a feature called Word Replacement Wizard. Exactly what I would need to take out my track numbers from titles, but it seems to be only able to replace, and not delete (even tho it says u can delete, but how?).

This would be an excellent feature in your program too. I used it a lot for years now with a text editor called UltraEdit.

MP3Tag already supports regular expressions. In order to remove the first 3 characters from the Track field, do the following:

  1. Start MP3Tag
  2. Select all files you want to edit
  3. Go to "Convert" -> "Actions"
  4. In the new Window, add a new action (click on the first button from the right)
  5. Type in "Remove track number from track field" or whatever you like
  6. In the new window, click on the first button from the right
  7. From the drop-down list, select "Replace with regular expression"
  8. In the new window, select "TITLE" as field and type in "^.{3}" (without quotation marks) in the "Regular expression:" field. Leave the "Replace matches with:" field empty.
  9. Now close the two action related windows until you get to the list with the actions. The newly added action should be seen inside the list. If it isn't checked already, check it.
  10. Press OK now and MP3Tag will apply the selected action(s) to your audio files

Please check out this thread for more regular expressions.

Especially this post might be interesting for you. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks a lot. I should have looked deeper into your program.

That is so cool... it works so good.

No problem, I am glad that I could help. :slight_smile:

It's Florian's program! :wink:

even in winamp 2.9 you can edit the playlist title formating:
In options -> preferences -> Plugins -> Input choose "Nullsoft MPEG audio decoder (in_mp3.dll)", click configure an on the Title/Tags tab.

So there is no need to put tracknumbers in the wrong field at all :slight_smile: