Track tags not being read

I have come across a strange issue.
I have ripped the tracks using variable bit rate and then had them encoded as MP3 files with the tag information saved in the file.

I then edit them with mp3tag to make sure that all of the information is there and that everything is as it should be. Up until recently I have had not problems and the software has preformed excellently.

Now to the problem. When I got a new car and played the CDs the track name and artist information was not being displayed, all I got was 3 letters, often non English letters. I ripped the tracks again using a fixed bit rate and this seemed to solve the problem. The track name and artist were displayed.

I then tried a different MP3 ripper. I ripped a number of CDs and burnt these tracks to a CD. All using a variable bit rate. All of the track and artist names were displayed correctly except for the one album that I had edited with mp3tag. That one again only showed some random characters for the track and artist. The album name always displays correctly.

I am now going to check what happens if I edit the fixed bit rate files with mp3tag as I cannot remember if I did edit those files or not.

Can anyone shed any light on this at all? What is mp3tag doing to the tags that is causing them to unreadable by my head unit?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you


Try this:

Thank you, I will have a go with that and see what happens, much appreciated.


Worked a treat. Will now contact the manufacturer to ask why their head unit is causing these problems.

Thanks again for the pointer to that thread.