Trimmed characters in "comment" and "composer" field

Hey guys,

Firstly, I'm new here and want to say hello and thank you for your awesome work :slight_smile:

Although I got well till now with mp3tag, I noticed recently that in my music files the sections "comment" (where I store album credits) and "composer" (where I store all song credits) are trimmed and incomplete. I'm using the discogs script from pone. Copying manually works well, but it takes too much time, especially for track credits. The issue doesn't occur with mp3 but it does with ALAC, FLAC and AAC format.

It looks like this:

Drum Programming, Synthesizer: Noel Zancanella
Engineer [Engineered For Mix]: John Hanes
Mastered By: Tom Coyne
Mixed By: Serban Ghenea
Piano, Synthesizer [Juno], Backing Vocals: Ryan Tedder
Producer: Noel Zancanella, Ryan Tedder, Taylor Swift

Instead of:

Drum Programming, Synthesizer: Noel Zancanella
Engineer [Engineered For Mix]: John Hanes
Mastered By: Tom Coyne
Mixed By: Serban Ghenea
Piano, Synthesizer [Juno], Backing Vocals: Ryan Tedder
Producer: Noel Zancanella, Ryan Tedder, Taylor Swift
Recorded By: Ryan Tedder, Smith Carlson
Recorded By [Assistant]: Eric Eylands, Matthew Tryba
Written-By: Ryan Tedder, Taylor Swift

I'll be glad for any helpful response :slight_smile:

The difference of both text examples is rather obvious.
Example text 2 is the full text.
Example text 1 is the truncated text.
Someone has cut the text and appended three dots, ...
maybe to demonstrate, that the original text is longer than this fragment.
The truncated text 1 has pretty much the length of 255 characters ...
(including CarriageReturn-LineFeed sequences).

255 is a magic number for computer string data.
Maybe there was software involved which has cut the original longer string to this length.
Maybe the said filetypes have some length limitation within the metadata tag area.


Sorry but I have no idea what are you talking about. The info is seen incomplete both in Mp3tag and foobar, iTunes, etc. I checked if it's just foobar changing tags, but it isn't.

what you could do:
get 2 dummy files, 1 flac, 1 mp3.
fill the mp3 with the long data.
Use the context menu to copy the tags from the mp3 file.
Now select flac file
Use the context menu to paste the tags to the flac file.

Check the tags in the flac file to see if data is truncated.

If not, you have to look for other programs along the line which might do that.

Well, I guess I stick to the "credits" tag where I store all the data. But how do I manage to see it on iTunes? I'll be using Mac and as far as I know iTunes doesn't support extended tags. Maybe you could suggest me other player for Mac where it's enabled?

Another issue I have, when using pone script. After fetching the "label", "discogs format" and "catalog #" tags I get double records, for example:

LABEL: Virgin\\Virgin
instead of just "Virgin"


CATALOG # 509995 09804 2 0\\509995 09804 2 0 (which are the same catalog numbers).
Any idea how to solve this :slight_smile: ?

What does that mean?
Mp3tag is allright and does not truncate the fields?
Why does the credits field behave in a different way?

To get rid of duplicate fields, you can use an action "Remove duplicate fields"

Remove double meta values Doppelte Meta Werte entfernen Test ... 1. LABEL <=mv= '\\\\Virgin\\\\MMG\\\\Virgin\\\\Any Label\\\\MMG\\\\Some Label\\\\Virgin\\\\'

(see dialog "Extended Tags" ... this creates 7 tag-fields with the name LABEL)

2. LABEL <==== $regexp($meta_sep(LABEL,'~'),'(?:(?<=~)|(?<=\A))\s?([^~]*)~(?=.*?(?<=~)\s?\1(?=~|\z))',) LABEL ====> 'Any Label~MMG~Some Label~Virgin' 3. LABEL <==== $replace(%LABEL%,'~','\\\\') LABEL =mv=> 'Any Label\\\\MMG\\\\Some Label\\\\Virgin'

(see dialog "Extended Tags" ... this creates 4 tag-fields with the name LABEL)

Step 2 and 3 into one step ... LABEL <==== $replace($regexp($meta_sep(LABEL,'~'),'(?:(?<=~)|(?<=\A))\s?([^~]*)~(?=.*?(?<=~)\s?\1(?=~|\z))',),'~','\\\\')

Note: "<==" has the meaning of using ...
... action "Format value" or converter "Tag - Tag".
It demonstrates the assignment of a value or format string to a field.

DD.20150801.1745.CEST, DD.20150801.2025.CEST

as I said, the info from album and track credits are cut off in "comment" and "composer" section in any different format file than mp3. To get all the data from discogs site, it needs to be stored in the extended tags, which are not supported by many players :confused:

which action should I use? sorry I'm not that good with scripts,
Is there a way to change it in discogs pone script? Why does it copy the double info anyway?

In my post I used "<==" with the meaning of applying the Mp3tag action ...
"Format value"
Tag-Field <== Formatstring


Sorry, I didn't see that!
Well, this doesn't work, the double label names are still there...

Try the offered test, step by step.

You might offer a screenshot of the dialog "Extended tags" for this particular file.


still no look or I'm too stupid for this...

  1. Are all my tags. 2. How I want it to be stored in "comments" but I had to put it in "credits", because as seen on third picture, the text is cut off...

So, I just dug up a flac file.
I copied the data you first supplied:

I pasted it into COMMENT and saved the file.
Checking the length of the field comment, MP3tag tells me it is 383 characters long.
Looking at the extended tags again, the originally copied data is still there to its full extent.

With this test result, I wonder what happens to your files.
It would be interesting to find out which other program inserts the 3 dots at the end as this is most certainly not MP3tag.

As I said, copying works fine. I just checked and as soon as I change anything in tags via Mp3tag, the text is again trimmed even if I copied it before and appeared completed, so I guess it's something that has to do with Mp3tag. No one that could help?

The first picture (counted from the left side) ...
does not correlate to the other both pictures, ...
and it has missing the tag-field LABEL.

The first picture (counted from the left side) ...
does not show the "Extended Tags..." view "for this particular file", ...
because it shows the status of tag-fields from a set of files.

You should offer a screenshot of the dialog "Extended Tags" for the particular file, ...
which fits to the theme "same value in multiple LABEL tag-fields" .


Maybe, the cause was the using ID3v1 instead of ID3v2? Version1 has this type limit, if I remember correctly.

Edit: no, limit is 28 characters.