Trouble with setting cover types, etc.?

Hi guys, new to the forum but I've been using MP3tag forever- I have a question.

Last night I was messing around with adding multiple covers to one song, specifically an Apple Lossless song (if that matters.) It already had a cover set to "Front Cover", and then when I tried adding another cover, set it to "Other", and saved it, it lists both covers as the Front Cover. No matter what I do, even in Extended tags, it still says they're both the Front Cover. Anyone know what's going on here?

Also, as a related question: I'm wondering if there's a way to set user-defined cover types? Like let's say I have Lady Gaga's Born This Way, and I have the album cover set to Front Cover but I also wanna have the single cover set as "Single Cover". Right now I'm just setting it as Other and putting the Cover description as "Single Cover", but as stated above, once it saves the file it sets them both as the Front Cover. I'm also wondering if it's normal that MP3tag renames my album covers to simply "image/jpeg" once they're embedded in the file? (the actual covers on my computer aren't changed, but in MP3tag it just says "image")

Thanks, I'd appreciate a response. :slight_smile:

Could someone help with this? I can't set cover types to anything besides Front Cover. If I set it to another type or add a cover description, when I save the tags it just reverts back to Front Cover.

Not every tag format supports different cover types and descriptions.

m4a/mp4 for example only knows front/back cover types.

Darn. Well, thank you anyway. Also, I'm wondering... is there a way to view the "information field" tags? Like when you turn Filter on, the ones that are under the extended field tags?

As Dano said, Apple's m4a tag format only supports "Front" and "Back" cover types. So that second cover you want to add can only be designated as cover type "Back" if you want to distinguish it from the "Front" cover.

When using Apple Lossless, this is an important thing to keep in mind, because it comes up with other fields as well. For all m4a's positives, tagging is one area that is a bit limiting and frustrating. There are many tags you might add to your music that iTunes simply doesn't recognize. That's fine for keeping lots of information associated with a track, but just be sure to put the sorting data (that's important to you) in fields that iTunes can actually use. For example, I put some information (like recording location, or maybe year of composition for classical music) in the NOTES field, but that is not sortable or accessible in iTunes. If I really want that to use info in iTunes, I have to put in the COMMENT field.

For a single file view: right-click on a file > properties

In the filelist:
from the FAQs:
You can also add additional file list columns for extended tag fields via View > Customize Columns... and edit the tag fields directly in the file list.

Not sure what you mean. "Information field?" Of course, you can right-click any file and select "Extended Tags..." to see everything. You can also add any tag field to the column view to see whatever info is there. IS that what you meant?

Sorry pone....didn't mean to step on your toes! :slight_smile:

Don't worry. Welcome to the forum!

Old thread bump but this was useful to know as I searching for past issues and thinking of submitting a bug report.

Could Mp3Tag's user feedback for such limitations be clearer? Such as greying out unavailable cover-types for certain formats?

This is an useful suggestion.

What would you do if you have selected various file types?

I usually use 1 album. but i see your point.