1. Trouble with coding in the tags on russian language since version 2.33. For example tag after rename have view:
    In new version 2.35 trouble with russian names of columns (filename, browse, name, artist, title and etc). They viewing not correct.

  2. Need function to close ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

P.S. sorry for my english.

Problems with ID3v2 tags in Unicode format? Which player are you using btw?

Just go to View > Columns... and fix the column names.

What's that?

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I'm using winamp 5.12 lite

Winamp can't read Unicode tags.

1.) Try to enable Читать ISO-8859-1 тэги с помощю системной кодировки and see if this solves the ????? problem in Mp3tag.

2.) "Closing tags" is called removing tags in Mp3tag. Just enable ID3v1 at Options > Tags > Mpeg > Remove and press :mt_delete:.

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  1. When enable Читать ISO-8859-1 тэги с помощю системной кодировки, mp3tag 2.35 read tags correct, winamp can't read tag. Now i'm using mp3tag 2.32.

  2. Thanks, i didn't know that :slight_smile:

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A beta version of Winamp has been released that can read unicode ID3v2 tags correctly.

Seems like the playlist and the media library are still not unicode-aware <_<

These guys are so funnay.