Truncation of comment field to 256 characters

How to Trucate comment field??

I have about 15.000 Mp3 albums. Most are edited by MP3Tag in the past years.
The comment fiels (MP3Tag ID3V2) exceed 256 characters.

I am now using Pinnacle MediaManager for Pinnacle showCenter 200 (Great product).

The Pinnacle SQL Database doesnt accept MP3 Files where the comment Tag exceeds 256 characters.

Now I have to edit about 10.000 mp3tags manually.

Is there a way to create a batch stream that truncates all comment fields to 256 characters?

Yes, this is possible. Just create a new action:

Action #1:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $left(%comment%,256)

Best regards,
~ Florian

Ok, Thanks!
Great Product!
I'm gonna try it now...