Two New Exports + Updates

Complete Exports !

Album & music collection overview with covers, search, sorting and details popup from milka. Inspired by dano and nickless.

Download Complete Exports::music:

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Support: .: IE :.********** :w00t:

Opera. ********* :smiley:

Netscape ****** <_<

Simple Exports !

A simple nice exports. Very fast to use.

Download Simple Exports::music:

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Playlists for Complete exports::music:
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Playlists for Simple exports::music:
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Help Files (Highly recommended !):

Learn how to easy make your music html overview in just 2 steps!

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Ready for downloading.

Would you please update the configs and add new ones, Florian?

For the moment, people will have to download it from here (I'm still too busy with other stuff).

~ Florian

I placed javascript search on my export, and have some problem with cookies.
When I run page (List.html) search is working perfect, but when I change color theme (1.html) and run page again (List.html),
search wont work any more. And then I must (under Documents and Settings\User\Cookies) delete txt file (user@local[2].txt),and then search works again.

Can anyone (nickless) help me to solve that problem I am desperate because I spend a lot of my free time on that javascript search.

Download List.html & 1.html: unavailable because it's fixed

Sorry for bad english. Thanks

No idea, normally cookies don't disturb each other.
Maybe you are using some characteristic attributes of the page that are only present in your default theme without cookies?

in IE6 there is an runtime error when loading List.html:
Line: 44
Error: 'd' is Null or not an Object

I dont know, is it working on your computer. :huh:
Do you have some other solution?

I know for this error and cant fix it.

Dano, maybe you can fix my problem?

I have different number of search results when searching before - and after opening 1.html, but my cookies are removed automaticaly when I close browser, so it's difficult to find such a situation.

And about the error in line 44, I think there is just a not initialized variable d, which you are trying to modyfy.

Weird, since he declared var d and also assigned a value to it - both things that worked.

Your cookies are removed automaticaly? How and Why?
Every time when you open your browser you have default theme?

Sorry, for bothering you all.
I think I will just give up of that search.

Thanks for god try.

I use Netscape, there is an option for it. Why not?


I dont like Netscape. What a use of color themes when you must set up your favorit theme every time when you start your browser?

I just fixed my problem with cookies. :smiley: yea!

Florian, can you write a topic in polls, about "Which browser are you using ..." like "Which format are you using ..."?
If you have some free time, ofcourse.

Why don't you do it yourself? :flushed:

I don't like IE... And my favorite theme is allready set as default :wink:

I didnt know that you can add it yourself.

When you want to change your favorite theme (when you get bored of old faworite theme) you must change it manual in source code, what is not so practical. :wink:

Or just re-export the files :wink: