Two New Exports + Updates

Your cookies are removed automaticaly? How and Why?
Every time when you open your browser you have default theme?

Sorry, for bothering you all.
I think I will just give up of that search.

Thanks for god try.

I use Netscape, there is an option for it. Why not?


I dont like Netscape. What a use of color themes when you must set up your favorit theme every time when you start your browser?

I just fixed my problem with cookies. :smiley: yea!

Florian, can you write a topic in polls, about "Which browser are you using ..." like "Which format are you using ..."?
If you have some free time, ofcourse.

Why don't you do it yourself? :flushed:

I don't like IE... And my favorite theme is allready set as default :wink:

I didnt know that you can add it yourself.

When you want to change your favorite theme (when you get bored of old faworite theme) you must change it manual in source code, what is not so practical. :wink:

Or just re-export the files :wink:

I still dont understend the meaning of themes in your case? :sunglasses:
And every time when you want another theme you must re-export all your export files again, what so practical?

When you can just open some export file change theme, and it will be applyed in all exports.

I've updated the export configurations. Thanks!

No, thank you! :smiley:

The theme is still there for all files until I close the browser, actually I like to have different themes in each export, depending on the music style so I change the theme right after opening file and then several times later. Saving the theme in my case is pointless.

Thats great, I will do it for my self too. :wink:

Can anyone fix error in javascript (line 145) for html_milka____album_list____.mte export.
Something is wrong with variable fo (Error:'fo[...]' is null or not an object).


New updates (help files are updated too)!

History of changes:


FIX: color themes table is on top.
FIX: export table links are now underline in opera too (album overview) when is missing tag.
FIX: all text colors now work in opera.
FIX: some onhover links for opera did not work in list & mixes page.

NEW: javascript search added on album list page.

FIX: color for simbols | & -- is now fixed.
FIX: link & on hover link colors (Read Review) are fixed in dano & matrix theme.
FIX: direction of gradient effect was wrong in red desert theme.
CHG: when mouse is over a link that doesnt work in pictures list table wont shrink anymore.


FIX: Tracks was wrong written (Tacks).
CHG: some font colors are changed.

Download: Exports are on the first page of this topic ==> GO

Florian you placed wrong tekst in export configuration archive for simple album overview
and simple album & mix list, please replace it with this tekst:
"A simple nice exports. Very fast to use."

And can you put help files in exports, because they are very important.


Album Overview and Album List updated again (help files are updated too)!

History of changes:


CHG: back on list link in album overview will go back on album list and place
album on top of the page (no need to scrool down to album where you stoped).

Download: Exports are on the first page of this topic ==> GO

Hi, I downloaded the file "Simple Album Overview" the text that says: 'Back On Album, Compilation & Mix List', links to the root folder. I would like it to link to the folder that the music is in. I sent a picture. the link goes to D:/Music/List.html I want it to go to D:/Music/Alan Jackson/List.html How can I change the file so this will work? Thank you in advance. Neal

Please download and read Attachment 531 not found.. And export files step by step and then it will work.

If it doesn't then I will adjust it for your needs.

See this topic => My exports
~ milka