"Type" info in tag - hijacked by non-audio program

Hello all

Since I installed VLC video player just recently
VLC seems to have hijacked "Type",
the first line of tag information
tht is displayed when I drag the mouse across an MP3 file in WinExplorer.
I can only guess that I gave VLC this right during installation
although I'm pretty sure I authorized it only for video files, not audio.

This problem is purely an aesthetic one;
it seems to have made no functional change.
I have always used dbpoweramp to play MP3 files;
and if I click on an MP3 file it is still always played by dbpoweramp.

I have tried making the change in
WinExplorer - Tools - Folder options - File types
but this seems to have made no difference,
possibly because this does not update the tags.

Is there some way I can change this globally in MP3tag ?

Thanks and best regards to all
from Raymond Russell