Unable to input cover art

since I got a new computer, I haven't been able to tag any files properly, I followed many solutions and I managed to get from "Error 0xc00d36c4" because My computer won't read ID3v2.4 to being able to tag the title and artist and be able to play the audio file. However, everytime I try to upload a cover, after saving, the cover art just disappears. I saw some tickets about APE being there, even after disabling it. same issue still appears. any solutions?

Opera Snapshot_2021-09-30_081402_cdn.discordapp.com
Opera Snapshot_2021-09-30_081349_cdn.discordapp.com
I heard this helps?

If you want to keep pictures in your files then you have to tag with a tag version that supports pictures.
You only write ID3V1 tags - and they don't.
Ideally, you would write ID3V2 UTF-16 tags.

Problem with that is that. If I were to use ID3v2 UTF-16 Tags. I get this error in which the File is no longer player, the cover doesnt show except only in mp3Tag Opera Snapshot_2021-10-01_112528_cdn.discordapp.com
Opera Snapshot_2021-10-01_112500_cdn.discordapp.com
Opera Snapshot_2021-10-01_112444_cdn.discordapp.com

Then I bet that you got the files as a download.

see this thread whether this is what you experienced:

If there is something else, then check the files for corruption.

Apparently, many people are using ytmp3.cc which no longer produces valid MP3s (and looks like a all in all suspicious site to me)

The thread does not seem to have the same issues as I have, thank you for the help though

really? do you have any other sites to recommend? because thats the only one I know

The only site on the entire internet to access resources to convert music to mp3, or to access downloads? I can think of at least one or two moreā€¦

Actually, it has: downloaded files from that internet source that have been corrupted.
So, you should make it a habit to first check the files for integrity and then tag them.
The HowTo section has links to programs for checking.

The site that allows the conversion of Youtube videos to MP3. that allows me to tag the files.

I have tried many different sites, including downloading from soundcloud , other websites but still same issue. the HowTo section programs are either not working or not compatible as it is windows32 and I'm on 64 bit

Nevermind Guys. I found a way to download it, weird method but it works so I'm not complaining. Thank you guys for your help!!