Undo Last Action

How do I undo the last action? Sometimes when I convert multiple files MP3 Tag will fail to rename certain files. For example it might completely delete the song title on one file. In such a case I would like to roll back the last action for all files if necessary. Or for only the misnamed file. I have tried all manners of Ctrl Z. But I cannot make it work. Could someone please give me detailed instructions.


FYI - I used MP3 Tag Studio for more than 12 years. It had a built in "undo last action". Just click on it and it was done. But the developer has abandoned the program and it will not work on 64 bit systems. I am trying to learn how to use MP3Tag, but it is difficult. I got to be very honest here - it is not very intuitive. MP3 Tag Studio integrated every action into the context menu. Right click any MP3 file and each action appeared in a drop down menu. The program itself did not open.

Learning how to undo last action in MP# Tag would be a big help.

I forgot to add that when I click on "edit", undo is greyed out giving the appearance that the option is not available

Hello 'rwinegar', click :mt_undo: respectively press [Ctrl+Z].


The blue undo arrow in your response is also greyed out.

You are out of luck, when you have missed the chance to undo.


Not sure what you mean.

All I want to know is how to undo the last action. I don't know why this is so difficult. Over the years I did it many times in MP3 Tag Studio. FAQ simply says ctrl/z. Does the program need to be reeopened? Does the file needing to be reversed opened in the program?

Any "undo" refers to actions in the current session.
Some actions (like deleting the cover) cannot be undone.

Thanks for a whole fvcking lot of nothing.

Well, I agree. I remember it took me ages to notice that most of my edits were being automatically saved, and my clicks of the Save button above were completely wasted. But though Mp3tag has some flaws, I have found it to be by far the best tool for my kind of tagging, and I suggest you give it a bit more time. And ask here!

I've been asking. But I get no answers. This forum appears to be one of those that is run and controlled by a few. Outsiders are not welcome. I've seen forums like this before. I ask a simple question and get a response that has nothing to do with the question.

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You got an accurate answer from Detlev eight minutes after you asked.

That's not my experience.