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I didn't realize this was possible even after all these years. My "learned something new" for today! :+1:

Problems occur right now if older threads link to the old German help pages, like e.g. (my) post:

The original link intended to open the syntax reference for regular expressions which was formerly situated in the description of the action "Replace with regular expression".
This is now mapped to
but it does not jump to the bookmark on that page and also, it does not show the regular expression which is now in a separate chapter:
(which I think is better to have the regular expression syntax in 1 place as it can be used in the context of actions, scripting and filtering)
Yet, the old link is not correct any more.

Thanks, I'm aware of the issue. I've remapped all the help.mp3tag.de links in the forum to the new URLs, but had enough after one day of replacing strings directly in the database.

It's impossible to distinguish your special case, though. However, even if linked to Replace with Regular Expression – Mp3tag Documentation, it's only one step away from the syntax reference. The same applies to options_export.html, which was often used as reference for Format Strings and Placeholders – Mp3tag Documentation — but is now Exporting Tag and File Information – Mp3tag Documentation

I have to admit that I don't know how to untangle this Gordian knot.

Perhaps it is an idea to replace the links on a case by case basis.

Something different:

The Mac section has a dedicated "Documentation" category.
Will there be a "Documentation" category for MP3tag for Windows?

It's not planned at the moment, why are you asking?

I found the category quite appealing in the Mac section.
It shows openly the functions and features - and you don't have to "know" the address, it is publicly visible as part of the huge knowledge that has so far been accumulated around MP3tag.
You can see more details without the need to install MP3tag (to press F1 or call the help) if you can access the link to the documenation via the forum navigation.

I've added a table linked from the mapping section.

I went through it case by case :crazy_face:


I've now officially released the new documentation with Mp3tag v3.13. Thank you all, especially @ohrenkino, for your helpful and valuable feedback during the whole process of re-writing and re-structuring.

I think it's in very good shape now and much easier for me to keep updated. I've already noticed that it got easier to link to the documentation, because I know that it's not outdated or incomplete.

Here you go:


1] Why send the user to the website? What happens if the user's Internet connection is down?

2] Why remain old help files at C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\help\ when the first three entries in the Help tab send the user to the never version posted on-line?

3] How to access those locally stored help files from within Mp3tag? Which button or menu entry takes to that content?

A fair number of functions rely on the internet access - so now this also applies to the help. This is a change in function that the developer is entitled to do.

You may delete the help if you don't want it or you may keep it. The up-to-date and valid help is now online.

This function has been replaced with the access to the online help.
If you want to call the old help from within MP3tag, create yourself a tool for the html start page of the old, now outdated help.


Eee... my overall intention was to be able to use a dark themed version of the help files [Dark Theme missed elements - #7 by Zerow]. The only thing missing now is the offline [still dark] version of them. [And no: saving the HTML files and opening them from drive in the same web browser will not do the trick]


It would be great if the variables had their own labels as hyperlink target so that a link to the description of the variable would jump not only to the main page but directly to the section on the page where the description of a particular variable can be found.


All of those now have anchor IDs, e.g., https://docs.mp3tag.de/mapping/#popularimeter and I've now also added small link icons that appear when you hover over the heading.

I've also added links to all other headings, e.g., https://docs.mp3tag.de/format/#technical-information with the small link icon.


For the Tag field Mappings found here Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation

can you include the old table at the end. I found it useful, and sometimes gave better clarity visually. If not, can you post a link to a file I can download and keep. Thanks for all your work on this!

On that page there is a link

  • Tag Field Mappings overview as a table
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Thanks for pointing that out. I thought I looked but apparently not close enough. This program and its support documentation (not to mention the forum) is really evolving into something very elegant!

I just realized, after all these years, that the tag panel could be horizontal. Perhaps a mention of this here would be helpful.

@Florian I don’t know how you’re preparing this data in the backend, but would it be possible for you to use colspan where ID3v2.3 and 2.4 fields are identical?

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