USB support

I don't seem to be able to search or use MP3Tag on any of my USB devices.

When I change the MP3Tag folder to a USB folder, it displays "The folder name is not valid".

I have to copy everything from USB to a hard drive, make the changes, then copy them back.

Is this a known issue or do I need to change a setting of some kind?

If the USB device is connected as a drive in normal USB mode then there should not be any problem.
The message suggests that your USB device is connected in MTP Mode.
For some smartphones you have to change the mode to "debug" or something and/or you might need an ADB driver to get normal USB mode.
If all this fails, you have to copy to a PC folder.

Agree. I have no issues in accessing, editing, saving files/tags on my various USB drives connected to my PC

Glad you're not having problems, but I am. And it's not a phone, it's an MP3 player.

There does not seem to be any way to change how it is connected to the computer. Sansa

And yes, I already am having to copy everything to a PC folder and making changes, then
copying back. This was an effort to better understand the problem, and possibly find a less
time-consuming fix, so any responses in that vein would be far more helpful.

Perhaps I could be more specific. What is it that tells MP3Tag when to show up in the right click
context menu?
This option shows up even on Read Only DVDs, but does not show up when I right click on the
USB drive or it's folders.

Mp3tag seems to always show up in context menu when the drive shows up as a windows drive letter (internal HDD, external usb drive, mapped network share, internal cd/DVD reader, etc. does your mp3player show up with a drive letter (E:/, etc)? If not can you try mapping it to a letter in windows?

Just a reminder: this is the MP3tag forum dealing with issues with MP3tag. You now know that you have to switch your device to MSC mode.
With the search words "sansa usb mode" you find the sansa support page:
perhaps it helps.

Hi Gary. That's a good question. When I attach the player, it just shows up as "Sansa Clip 8GB" with no drive letter.

So it must be attaching in "MTP" mode from "Autodetect". I found the USB setting on the device, switched it to "MSC", and now MP3Tag works!

Thanks so much. Very helpful.

good outcome. I had no clue about the MTP vs MSC, but between all the responses here, problem solved!