Use MP3Tag to rename other file types

I love the flexibility of MP3Tag to rename media files; however I would really like to use it to rename my video files as well (MPG, AVI, etc); Is there any way to extend renaming features to any file type for basic renaming usage (without tags support obviously);
Reason is simply that I have build a lot of custom "regular expression" actions and having to redo all this work in a different software just to rename MPG and AVI files seems counterproductive;

Except for tagging which can be ignored or disabled, I don't see any reason for limiting support to audio files.

Let me know what you think, thank you!

You can already add further extensions (to characterize file types) in
Tools>Options>Tags e.g. *.avi and *.mpg

You are limited to the properties of the files that are visible for MP3tag (which is mainly the filename)

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Perfect! thanks for the prompt reply

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