User defined genres lost on upgrade

Hi I've just upgraded to v3.03, and my user defined genres have disappeared. Are they gone forever or can I recover them from somewhere? It will be a big pain if I have to retype them all. Is there still no way to import a list? Cheers, Clive

See here to find places where data for MP3tag can be found:

Look for the file genres.ini.

A normal update does not loose the genres. I suspect that you installed MP3tag as portable version in a new folder.

Hi thanks for amazingly quick reply. I believe I've installed to exactly the same place (agreed all the default options). The genres.ini file is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\data, and is dated march 2020 so it would seem to be unchanged by the upgrade. However, the genre list is empty when the user defined tickbox is checked. Assume such data is saved automatically on shutdown? I've never manually backed it up. Clive

The file genres.ini is a plain text file. So you can easily check whether it contains the correct data by loading it into a plain text editor.
Save a copy of that file.
Then you may enter a genre in MP3tag and see if that is saved in the checked file. if not, you have to look for the updated version in the file system.

OK great thanks, with your help and a bit of detective work, I've realised that for some unknown reason I had installed the program to a different location last time. Your initial diagnosis was correct, but in reverse! Thanks again. Clive

If you have installed in standard way and not portable your "genres.ini" in this folder has no meaning for your installation of MP3Tag.
You have to look for your essential "genres.ini" at the folder