User defined list of filtering expressions for Filter

I would like to propose an ability for the user to be able to add a list of filtering expressions, so that they would be ready to be used with just 2-3 clicks. We can define actions and easily apply them [recently even from the right click menu] and can also have various export scripts waiting for usage within Mp3tag - so why is it so different with the Filter feature? Why does the user have to either write the filtering expression from scratch or keep them externally in some TXT file or whatever? And not- the Filter's history list sub-feature is not enough, because that list always becomes cluttered with time and does not provide any mean for descriptions of the scripts seen there

Right now if the user wants to filter all of the possessed music and create from it a playlist for usage later on, the user has to filter the results and save a playlist to a file. Thus if some files are added later on to the overall music collection and some of such files should or could be added to such playlist- then it has to be created [i.e. saved as file] once more. And then again and again

But if the same filtering results could be chosen from some drop-down list, then after selecting all of filtered results the user would have the most current thus precise playlist available for sending to a player - available in a convenient way

A place for such list / menu could be in form of a clickable Filter: area, a new icon on the Toolbar or somewhere in the menus located at the right side of the Filter box; and also available under the right click menu

Considering the basic functionality (re-callable filters) this looks to me like the idea from this thread:

plus the thread linked in that one.
So the idea is not really new. And I would assume that you @zerow as an experienced user of this forum knows how to use the search function.
The basic workaround of an external text file is still a valid suggestion.

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Well, it is valid- but nevertheless only a workaround; that I myself get tired of using every single time I have to revert to its means

I've added an option to manage the filter list, including named filters and reordering with Mp3tag v3.14b.

It also provides to option to mark certain filters as "favorite" via the checkmark and those filters are then made available as dedicated entries to the helper menu.

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This is a great improvement

Thank you very much

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