Using filter to find Albums that contain a Title


I have done some reading but could not find how to filter files so that I can get all files from an Album that contains a specific Title. I do not want just that Title, but all songs (Titles) in an Album that contains said Title.

Something like this:
%album% HAS %title% China cat.

Im not sure if it is possible.

You could just filter for
title HAS "China cat."
and then sort the result list by the column "Album".

Thanks LyricLover, but I am not just looking for the China cat songs, but all songs in an album that contains the song/Title "China cat".

%album% HAS name here AND %title% HAS cat

You have enter the album name for "name here"

Step by step:
1.) Load all your songs into Mp3tag
2.) Press F3 and enter title HAS "China cat."
3.) Click on the song from the album you want to see completely (to select it)
4.) Click on the column with the name "Album" (to sort all entries in your list by Albumname)
5.) Press F3 again and deactivate the filter

Now you should see your song with "China cat." still selected and around this song also your other titles from the same album.

Thanks Ohrenkino! Unfortunately that will not work. Let me explain what I am trying to do.

I am trying to create groupings as the song "China Cat" segues into many different songs. I would like to group China Cat to the song it goes into. Most ofg the time it is a song called "I know you rider." I have figured out how to filter so all instances of these two songs are filtered out and I can easily group them.

Now I want to find all other groupings. The only way to do this is to filter out all albums that have "China Cat" and then identify the song it segues into to create the group.

Hopefully that clears up what I am trying to accomplish.

Warning: Off-topic alert...

Check out the China Cat version on 6/26/74 (Providence-DP12). Unbelievable.

I was at 5-25-74, which had a great China Cat/IKYR, but not as good as the above one.

Good luck on your search!

No, sorry.
I think that this is all too complicated.
How would an ALBUM tell you that a specific TITLE is part of a list of files when MP3tag only looks at one file at a time?
So either you filter by TITLE and then proceed as @LyricsLover explained in

or you know the ALBUMs and then filter by those.
If you ask MP3tag to "guess" data or compare the data between files, then it won't work.

Cool. Thanks ohrenkino. I guess there are some things this awesome program can't do. I understand why. I guess I could use your method and toggle the filter on and off, going through each file one by one.

What I have done is filtered to find the most common segue partners (in this case a song called I Know You Rider) using:

%title% HAS "China cat" OR %title% HAS "Rider"

Then I create the groupings with those partners, as they are easy to pair being that they follow each other. Once the grouping is done, I use:

%title% HAS "China cat" AND %GROUPING% IS ""

Which filters out the pairs I just made. Then I can use ohrenkino's method toggling on and off to find the other partners.

Thanks man! Weir everywhere! I have heard that one. It is tasty! Jealous you could see them so early. I started in 1990.

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