using foo_run to launch Mp3tag in Foobar2000

I'm aware of /t/8405/1 and I have successfully launched Mp3tag on some selected files by entering "C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe"
"/fn:%_path%" or "C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe"
"%_path%" (I see identical behavior for either entry in the path box)

But I'm experiencing a problem in trying to select more than 14 files. I'm aware that I need to configure "simultaneous runs" and it appears that the maximum number of files selected and appearing in Mp3tag will be limited by this value, but for me this stops working reliably for values above 14. Sometimes it works for 15, rarely for 16, and never for 17 or more.

Anyone else see similar behavior, and if so, is there anything I can do to get it to work reliably for any selection size? thanks

When it works successfully and by looking at task manager, I can see that one mp3tag.exe process is briefly created for each file selected, and then very quickly only one process of Mp3tag.exe remains and I see the selected files in one mp3tag window. When it fails, I see up to one mp3tag.exe process for each file selected that all hang indefinitely and I never see any files in the frozen mp3tag window, and I need to kill the hanging processes to regain control. For what it's worth, one of the hanging processes is taking about 50% cpu and the remainder are at zero cpu. Never at any time do I run anywhere near my memory limits - I have gigabytes of unused memory while the failure occurs, nor is my CPU taxed about the 50% limit (I'm not doing anything else at the same time).

Yes, I'm experiencing similar problems. But it has nothing to do with a certain file limit at my case.
When I add multiple single files with the string given in the topic you linked above, I often have only a part of the files in Mp3tag. When I reppeat the process, I usually get it right, and if not, a thrid or fourth try will get it. This can happen with any numbers of files, sometimes even when I add only two files.
The strangest thing: sometimes there are files added, which are not marked in foobar. These are always files which were loaded in Mp3tag shortly before. But it seems as they get freshly loaded into Mp3tag.

As I hopefully understand the internal Mp3tag processing ... when fetching parameters from the commandline, there comes up for a moment a second running instance of Mp3tag.
Because Mp3tag is dedicated not to run in multiple instances, one instance of both will detect the other instance and one of both will be immediately terminated.
But with the positive result of evaluating the given parameters.
Some time ago here in the forum we have already discussed this behaviour and have checked different methods of proper usage on the commandline.

I would strongly recommend not to use "simultaneous runs" when calling Mp3tag from within other applications.
Because in this case, there are too much instances in concurrence to be accepted by the master instance.
When the machine is running under much load all these independent processes with the same priority will get processor time as it can be realized by the process controller. This can lead to an unregulated sequence of instances and their individual termination time points. The instances impede and lock each other. That is my understanding of the situation.


That would limit the number of files which i can add to Mp3tag from foobar to 1.

Detlev, maybe you can help me here. I don't know much about command lines and just copy and paste what I find elsewhere. Currently, what I use in foo_run is:
"C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "/fn:%_path%"
Can you tell me what "/fn:" stands for? file new? And can you maybe tell me if there are other parameters available. Maybe something like "add file"? Maybe that would allow adding more than one file without simulatneous runs.

found the command line help page here:
so it doesn't look like there is a command line parameter which works like adding file per drag & drop from a Windows folder with the CTRL button pressed?

Please see this thread ...
... maybe there is something of interest.


Thanks Detlev.
So from a quick scan through the topics, I would have to create a (temporary) playlist file (m3u) in foobar and send that to Mp3tag to avoid timing sensitivness.
Maybe that can be done. I will think about it.
It is surely possible, but I want it to work with just one click if possible and without leaving m3u files in different directories.

I tried and experimented quite a lot, but didn't get it going.
The main problems:

I'm not able to create a m3u file in foobar without answering the "Save Playlist" dialog everytime.

If 1. could be acomplished, the next probplem would be the filename for the m3u file.
I am looking for a way to always use the same filename & path (...\temp.m3u) without having to answere the "file existst already. do you want to overwrite it?" dialog everytime.
I this is not possible, a way to use only the same directory-path and using some id-tag information to create new filennames.

If 1. & 2. could be accomplished, it would be usefull to combine it with the the foo_run service that sends the m3u to Mp3tag, so I would have to click only one button. While searching the web for example command lines, i have seen various examples from Total Commander, where it seems you can combine different applications with the character "&" in one command line. This seems not possible in foo_run.

If anybody can help me with one of three problems, please do so.

I won't have time to deal with it today or tomorrow, but maybe you could post something in the Foobar2000 forum to seek advice. One possibility is that there is a Foobar2000 variable that contains the list of selected files when such a selection is made, and then invoke Mp3tag via a command line using that variable in place of the m3u reference. Another possibility is to write a very simple script that invokes the same Foobar2000 variable for selected files (if it exists), and then then execute the command line to launch Mp3tag within that script, and enter the script call in the run service component.

I looked for such a variable in the title formatting and search query areas and didn't see anything appropriate, but maybe there is a variable somewhere in the Foobar2000 SDK that we can still invoke from a command line or script.

I gave it a shot from the Foobar2000 side by posting for help here

But no joy so far, and given how responses seem to work over there, we should not expect any reply if we haven't received one by now. Perhaps someone can attempt another post in the Foobar2000 development forum to find out what approach is needed to reference selected files - there must be a way for this or many Foobar2000 components and scripts could not function on selected files. I'm reluctant to repost myself because of the ToS to not post the same need in multiple forums. I don't thnk posting something in another forum is inappropriate, because the need for a way to refer to selected files is certainly not unique to the foo_run component.

And if you have a better way to express our need in a new post in Foobar2000, all the better!

I'm completely new to foobar. Made the big jump from iTunes and very happy, so.

I was wondering, is there any development on this playlist workaround as it seems the most reliable method.

Maybe it'd be good if Florian seen this, seeing as he dev'd the FB2K foo_run component also.

You can now use a plugin foo_run_group_v1.01 to open files as a group of files in mp3tag.

This works perfectly.