Using /fp: files are not ordered correctly

  1. Open Mp3tag with some folder. Files will be ordered according to the column sort order.
  2. While Mp3tag is still open, use the command line switch /fp:{path} to open another folder.

Result: the files in the specified folder will be added in a random order.

What's more, when I press F5 to hopefully quickly correct the order, previously removed items reappear in the list.

Mp3tag v2.89a
Win10 x64 English

How do you remove them?
Just "delete" simply removes them from the list but does not delete them from the file system. If you want that, you have to press ctrl-delete

I don't understand: I thought it is not possible to open a second instance of MP3tag

That's what I want, I just want to remove them from the list within Mp3tag. But since I'm loading a different folder via /fp: it makes no sense that F5 causes those removed files to reappear, next to the files inside the folder that I actually chose via /fp:

I didn't say anywhere I wanted to open a new instance. I just want to open a different folder in the existing Mp3tag instance.

It's by design that previously removed files via Del or right-click "Remove" are relisted if the directory is read again.

Regarding the sorting: are you loading a new folder via /fp: or are you adding a folder via /add /fp: or while holding the Ctrl key down?

Yes, that would make sense, IF the directory that should be read still is the same. But I changed the directory via /fp: to an entirely different one. Still, the files of the previous directory show up after F5.

I am loading a new folder (no /add, no Ctrl). By the way, I didn't even know about /add, it's not (yet) in the manual.

It's really strange: I cannot reproduce both the files reappearing via F5 and the random sort order. Can you describe the process to reproduce it once more?


The Return Of The Files™

  1. mp3tag.exe /fp:somefolder
  2. Select all files in the pane and press Del to remove them from the list. Leave Mp3tag open.
  3. mp3tag.exe /fp:differentfolder
  4. Press F5

Result: the files of both folders are shown. This can be endlessly repeated, with the files of all previous folders being shown.

Screwing up the order

  1. Set the sort order to something different than path or filename, such as reversed %tracknumber%
  2. Repeat steps 1-3 from above.

Result: the files are not ordered by reversed %tracknumber%

Thanks — still no luck here. Are you doing all this via the command line, i.e., cmd.exe or in some other way?

You're right! Oh damn now I get it:

This causes both of the strange behaviors I've described.

Actually, I was holding down RAlt, because that + F3 is the shortcut I chose for it in Total Commander. But RAlt essentially is Ctrl+Alt. So sorry I didn't make that connection before.

I'm guessing there's no way around this? May I ask what exactly is the rationale of this feature (no sorting when holding Ctrl while adding/opening, and The Return Of The Files™ upon F5)? It's not mentioned in the Keyboard shortcuts page of Help either.

It's starting to make sense!

Not if the Ctrl key is pressed (either directly or indirectly).

Yes, sure: holding down the Ctrl key while performing the /fp:command-line action adds the files of the given directory to the existing list instead of loading the given directory afresh. This feature can be used, e.g., to create a playlist including specific files and folders. Often, the order is of great importance when creating playlists, so sorting is not performed in this case.

And for The Return Of The Files™ upon F5: If you add a directory, the previous directory is also still active (even if you removed all files from the file list). As soon as the file list is refreshed, all given active directories are processed again and the files return.

All right, then I'm all informed and can act accordingly :rofl: Thanks for taking the time to explain.

As far as the Help files, as I said, I couldn't find any information on the use of Ctrl while opening a folder, so I think it would be useful to describe this.

Happy tagging!

some of the functions are described in the forum, see e.g.:

I've added the missing information to the help files with Mp3tag v2.89c Development Build. Thanks for pointing!

Thanks, great! :slight_smile:

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