Variables in Source Scripts

Is there a way to set a variable in a source script so that when an include file is called the variable can either be evaluated (ie T/F) or written to a tag (ie itunes country searched = and language=)?

some psudeo code:



call include file

output to "COUNTRY"
If %country tag% does not exist
say %country%
End If

append %language% to "SUPPORTED LANGS"

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It's got my vote +1

I wonder of it could do this also:

RegexReplace "\d±" %var%

Please check my iTunes script:

You can set which country you want to get iTunes tags from, and has language options too.

This is an old thread that was resurrected, but what I do is to use Set.

Set "CountryTag" "us"
Set "LanguageTag" gb_en"

then later

OutputTo "COUNTRY"
IfOutput "CountryTag"
	SayOutput "CountryTag"

SayOutput "LanguageTag"

to avoid them written to the files or reset them to be false

Set "CountryTag"
Set "LanguageTag"
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