Various Artists tag reformat


I am having some trouble trying to reformat some tags.
Currently I have tags in the the following format: -

Title: Artist / Title
Artist: Various Artists

Can you advise me of a method of stripping out the '/' and re-formatting to: -

Title: Title
Artist: Artist


Make a new action

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %artist% / %title%

That works like a dream - Thanks
I had tried a combination of reformat actions, but had not seen the 'Guess Values' action.

Hi Dano,
Many thanks for your response. Your solution works a treat. This is going to save me loads of time. Once again many thanks. You're a star (all 5 of them).

Hi dano

This new action works fine en quick!

Normaly I do this...

Change value in title / to -
then tag > filename (trackno - title)
then filename > tag (trackno - artist - title)