Want to Replace - But Am LOST

I have a bunch of MP3's with a " -- " in the title, and I'd like to change that to ":".

The easy-peasy solution would be to bulk rename the files, and then tag the songs after the filename... BUT you can't use ":" in a filename.

So I got MP3Tag to do an ACTION=>Replace. All of the forums and online help make it look super-easy, but...

Trouble is, I can't figure out how to get the "Replace" action to work! When I select "Actions", my only options are: "Case Conversion", "CD-R", and "Standard". I tried to create a New Action, but that went nowhere.

What am I missing? Am I supposed to download other actions? Is this a feature that was turned off in 2005 and I'm just catching up?!?


see the help on actions:

See the FAQs and HowTos on how to create a new action:

Also see the help on the function "Actions (Quick)" which is also accessible in the toolbar.

Thanks. I'd read all of that before posting.

When I click "New", and then name an action, and then click "New" again, what am I supposed to see? Whatever it is, I don't see it.

You should see a dialogue with a dropdown list where you can select the type of the new action.
In your case it would be "Replace" (and not "Replace with regular expression").

If all this is a one-off, you can also use "Action (quick)".

Why should I write down things that have been explained many times before?

My point was.... I'd already tried what you'd written down, but it wasn't working for me. So I still needed help.

Select the files that should be treated.
Create an action of the type "Replace" for the field TITLE
Search string: --
Replace string: :

And my point is... "Replace" is NOT an option. Am uninstalling.

You have to create a NEW action (group) or use Actions (Quick).
The shipped list of action groups does not contain an action to replace.