Web Source Album Debug File Not Showing

I am trying to create a web source file and the first part of the source, which parses the search index works great because the debug was outputted and I worked on it to fix it.

But the second part of the source file, where it is trying to parse the album page is not outputting the debug file even though I have it turned on in that section. When I try out the web source in MP3Tag v2.33c, I get to the second window after I select the album I want and it's all blank (which is expected, there must of been some kind of error). I press cancel/ok and expect a debug file to be written so I can look at it and see what I did wrong, but nothing's written!!!! And I know it is parsing the album page because the Preview button works on the first window and there's Internet activity.

I wonder what's going on? I also tried MP3Tag v2.33a and it did the same thing. No debug file.

PS. I found a bug with capitalize "If" and "Else", somehow it doesn't recognize it or something and it does everything in both parts.

If there's no log written you probably have a syntax error in your code.
I'd also write all commands in lower case.

You'll find a file scripterror.log in Mp3tag's program directory if there were any errors in the script you're using.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Ahhh... I see the scripterror.log. It's not much help though. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks anyways.

But I figured out what was wrong.

Shouldn't scripterror.log be part of the debug file if the code had syntax problems?

Anyways, my web source is finished (Florian, I have a question there for you to answer). Give it a run.