What is the pixel size of the cover image?

Hello, friends I have the following difficulty. I would like to know the pixel dimension of the cover image.

It would be 250x250px ??? I'm trying one that fits well, but the ones I've tried are either too big or too small.

So, what would be the ideal dimension for the cover image?

I thank you for your help !!!!


You can put whichever size you like.
There are two points to consider: the size of your artwork, and its internal quality.

stealing from this site here.

  • Personal MP3 players e.g. iPod, smartphones - aim for small/medium size images of around 300x300 pixels. The higher resolution players are around 800 pixels in one dimension, so 300x300 leaves just under half the screen for the artwork.
  • Tablets e.g. iPad - Aim for medium/large images of 500x500 and larger.
  • Computer based software e.g. iTunes, Winamp - depending on the size of your player window, aim for medium/large images of 500x500 are larger.
  • Large TVs - Aim for large images of 900x900 pixels and larger. Again, this depends on the resolution of your TV's software and the screen real estate afforded to your artwork.
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I generally use 500x500. That's a good general size, that works well in most places I use images. It's not so large as to overwhelm most players (some of which balk if the image is too large), nor so small as to be a thumbnail on larger viewers.

When I search for images to use, I try to avoid using ones smaller than that, if others can be found. And if the image I like is larger, I use Irfanview to reduce it to 500x500 before I save it in Mp3tag. I don't like Mp3tag's image reduction process, as it's fixed at 70%, which is too much compression. Using 90% is a better alternative. I wish Mp3tag offered different image compression choices.


Also, in case you weren't aware, you can set a column in Mp3tag to show you the current image size.


Hello Astronave, thanks for your help.

This option to define a column in Mp3tag to show the size of the current image, seems to be the best way to solve the problem.

Astronave, I could send you a short video teaching how I can and where I can insert the line of code>% _cover_width% x% _cover_height%

I don't know where and how to insert this information in the MP3TAG!

Would you help me?

Thank you friend for teaching me !!!

I am no expert, but here is how I think I did it...

On the Menus, choose View|Customize columns...

In the box that comes up, select NEW, then:

Give it a name, for example, CoverSize
In Value, enter %_cover_width%x%_cover_height%
leave the rest of the fields blank

You will see your new column on the left side, make sure it's checked to display, and you can move it up or down.

Click OK, and you should have a new field/column.

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I've now added an option to configure the image quality when resizing cover art via Adjust cover with Mp3tag v3.06f.

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Wow, that is fantastic! Thanks for doing this. I just dl'ed the new version, so I'll give it a try later today.

I also subscribed to that thread, so I can keep up with new updates. Don't know why I didn't do that before now.


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I just used the new image reduction with configurable compression/quality setting. Works great! I used to spend a fair amount of time pre-editing images before I added them in Mp3tag, this will save time & effort by doing it all in one program.

Many thanks for doing this. :star_struck:


Really appreciate the feedback and happy you like it! :smiley:

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I like to see cover art when I play music in my vehicle. But it won’t display any art that’s bigger than 235 x 235 pixels. So the size you pick should correlate to whatever player you want to use.

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