What word should I write

What word I should write in the case conversion to obtain my title like in image?

See here:

If there is a space character between the words, enter the space character.

Is it really your intention to get different cases in the filename and in the tag data?
Otherwise it would be easiest to convert the case of the field TITLE first, then rewrite the whole filename.

i write space-space but nothing I don't understand

It's just a word to insert in this case but I don't know who :((

What do you want to see after the change?

Do you want
a) FILENAME: Alex De La Orastie - Ma cauta camatarii.mp3
b) FILENAME: Alex de la orastie - Ma Cauta Camatarii.mp3
c) FILENAME: Alex de la Orastie - Ma cauta Camatarii.mp3
or anything else?

Or do you want to change a tag - NOT a filename?

a) FILENAME: Alex De La Orastie - Ma cauta camatarii.mp3
this I wan't to write
The original file don't have tag and the name is Alex de la orastie - Ma Cauta Camatarii.mp3

Are you sure?
Your Printscreen shows:
TITLE: Me Cauta Camatarii
ARTIST: Alex De La Orastie
ALBUM: Ban Pe Ban
YEAR: 2019
and more tags.

Yes but I have Tracks with no Tags and I want to write like this
Alex De La Orastie - Ma Cauta Camatarii
Alex De La Orastie - Ma cauta camatarii

The actual filename is:
Alex De La Orastie - Ma Cauta Camatarii.mp3

Yes But I want Alex De La Orastie - Ma cauta camatarii

The first thing would still be to import the tags.

Anyway: fiddling with the filename can be done with the function Convert>Filename-Filename
Source pattern: %1 - %2
Target pattern: %1 - $caps3(%2)

all i need is a word to inser in this caseUntitleda

No, you don't.
If you want to manipulate the filename with 2 different ways for the case then you cannot use a function that deals with just one way for the whole filename.
You want to leave

as it is - so no case conversion or "normal" as this would lead to the same appearance.
But you want to get

to become

which is the case conversion "Sentence".
Show me how you think you can achieve that with a single function. I can't.

And I repeat myself now for at least the 3rd time: you do not have to enter a WORD but a list of CHARACTERS that shows MP3tag where a word ends.

And another already mentioned piece of information: it could be that you have to really modify the filename by adding or replacing a character and not just changing the case - this depends on the file system.

Uhh it's very dificult :frowning:

I don't understand why you don't try this:

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It's very easy. Just repeat @ohrenkino's steps like this:

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