Where has the left side panel gone?

I'm using MP3Tag via Wine for MacOS, and no I cannot upgrade at this time... Blame Apple Music for that.
I accidentally clicked the X (I think) and even in the drop down menu from View, I can't find how to put it back there.

It's called "Tag-Panel".
Ctrl-Q should get it back.
If the tag panel has become undocked, perhaps this thread helps:

How do I get it to reattach so I can use it? You can see how useless it is like this.

Did you follow the description in the linked thread?

I can't reply to that topic now so it's no solution to me. How do I restore MP3Tag to it's original state? I did a reinstall, it's the same.

close MP3tag and delete mp3tag.cfg
Then start MP3tag again.

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No such file exists.

No such file exists.

I found this thread:

I don't use a Mac or Wine or anything. So I cannot offer any further help than the search.
So, I think that you can use the search function yourself from now on.

Linked thread is locked so I can't comment further to tell them how unsolved it is.

I thought that you wanted to get the tag panel back into position.
So: which steps did you try, what did you observe additionally to "did not work"?