Why does the cover art get mixed up when I play my songs in a music app?

I finally finished tagging all 881 of my songs and added cover art to all of them. When I upload the songs to my android phone and play the songs on any music app, the cover art is all mixed up!! It even happens for songs that are tagged in an album. How do I fix this?

Player problem ..?
Which tag fields have you filled? AFAIK the following fields should be filled so that an album can be identified:
How did you assign the cover picture?

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I used Discogs for a lot of the songs and the rest I filled in myself and copied and pasted the cover art. For the majority, there's only title and artist filled out. There aren't very many that have the album tag and none that have Album Artist filled in. Do I need all of those filled in so that the cover art shows properly? And I have tried multiple music player apps, it's all the same issue. There's like 2 cover arts that are applied to almost all of the songs (and those 2 cover arts are not tagged as albums or album artists)

Yes, you have to fill all those tag fields. Otherwise all files with no ALBUM field belong to the same album and probably the player then displays only on cover for all these files.
But as there are sometimes albums with the same name (e.g. "Greatest Hits") you also have to fill ALBUMARTIST to differntiate between the different albums.
If you are not convinced then try it for a few tracks and see if it is any better.

Okay! I will try it! Do you know if there is a way for mp3tag to do this automatically? Like just assign numbers to the album tag?

I am not sure if you go for accuracy or just a "let's see if it works".

For the latter approach I would suggest that you copy the contents of ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST and the contents of TITLE to ALBUM (so it looks like an EP).

To copy one field to another, see the FAQs:

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