Windows 7 and comments tag?


when i write a "comments" tag via windows7 file properties

i can then see this "comment tag" to mp3tag

but if i write a "comment tag" via mp3tag then i cant see is in the windows7 file properties or windows7 explorer :confused:

everything else is working cool!

any help please?

You will find that none of the comments incorporated in an mp3 file and written by an mp3 tagger show up in the explorer's comment field.
I speculate that the order of tags changes once you use a decent mp3 tagger and that the explorer comment field then moves to a another place in the sequence so that the explorer does not recognize it. But this is just a wild guess.
Still: as Microsoft came later than the mp3 tags Microsoft should display and handle the comment tag correctly - which it does not.

thanks very much ohrenkino!!

i quit comment and now using "album artist" for comment (i dont need album-artist anyway ... only the simple artist )

thank you

Just if you want to still use the comment tag:
Apparently Windows considers the language settings for "comment" which have to be the same for the mp3 tag and the explorer comment field.
shows how to adapt the mp3tag default comment language setting.

As this is a method that only works on your local machine and for one language, most tags on the other hand are the treated equally regardless of the OS language, I would prefer to use the tags (just like you did now).

BUT: as MP3tag has so many functions to manipulate even such specialities, you may want to write a little action that sets the correct language for your comments

Is there a way to show a column with the language of the ID tag so you easy see which language a tracks has?
I know you can add extra colums besides the standard ones,
i.e. I added %_id3v2_character_encoding% to see the Char encoding.
But what field to use to see the language (for the comment tag)? Is this possible? Would be a great help to clean up all my mp3's.