Windows 7 context menu registry files

I've made registry files to add Mp3tag to the context menu without the installer.
It can also solve problems where the context menu from the installer does not work.

Note: (update)

Mp3tag 2.45b now comes with a real shell extension which should be preferred to this.
But the Mp3tag Context Menu Win7 32bit Folders.reg file is still useful as the shell extension does not support loading a complete folder when only one file is selected.

Currently it's only for Windows 7 32bit
Mp3tag must be installed in C:\Program Files\Mp3tag</b>

Mp3tag Context Menu Win7 32bit.reg
The following extensions are included:
flac, m3u, m4a, mp3, mp4, ogg, wma, Folders

I've set the keyboard shortcut to "3" because it is easier for me to reach than "m" and it does not collide with other context menu entries that also start with "m"
So when you right click on a file, you can just press "3" to start Mp3tag.

Mp3tag Context Menu Win7 32bit Folders.reg
The following extensions are included:
flac, m4a, mp3, mp4, ogg, wma
This reg file gives you a second context menu entry that allows you to load the complete folder instead of the single audio file.
The shortcut here is "f" (930 Bytes)

Maybe a complete non-sequitur here, but this REG file still totally works for the classic context menu in Windows 11 64-bit. This was meaningful to me since I primarily use Total Commander, a popular file manager, instead of Explorer (which natively works context-wise with MP3Tag. Total Commander does not have a way to display Windows 11-style context menus.

I changed nothing in the REG file since it refers to MP3Tag and the root registry where they reside with Win11x64

I'd advice against manually adding registry keys under Windows 11, but instead try — as a last resort, when even restarting the system (or at least Explorer.exe) did not make the context menu appear — manually registering the shell extension from a command prompt with admin rights:

cd <path to Mp3tag installation>
regsvr32 Mp3tagShell.dll