Windows Explorer does not display tag changes

So, I open mp3Tag, choose the folder with my files as the directory and they all open. They are all created in the same way. I go file by file and enter the information, but when I open the folder in File Explorer only some of the files have the information I've entered, and nothing I try will put the information on the files that don't. Any thoughts? I'm on Windows 11, up to date, mp3Tag is up to date.

If you open these same files in mp3tag again, are the changes reflected there? If yes, then those files have been successfully updated.

Some other key questions to help find a solution;
What kind of files are these? mp3, m4a, FLAC, etc
Especially if these are mp3 - perhaps there are a mix of APE, id3v1, and/or id3v2 tags?

If you could highlight one of the affected tracks in mp3tag, open the Enhanced tag editor (Alt+T), and post a screenshot of that window, that would help.

See e.g. here:

and of course here:

Yes, all the information I add in mp3Tag appears when I load that directory, across machines. I'm trying to send screenshots but can't find where to attach them. All the files at the moment are mp3, but I will be creating versions in multiple formats for different reasons, wav, flac, etc...

Also, can I ask, maybe you know... I've always been able to just go to properties, details, and enter the information. Why can't we do that anymore?

Is there a phone number where I can talk to someone. I'm trying to accomplish something and email back and forth and community message boards take too long and are unreliable.

That is the proof that

still works as expected.

You can find help how to add screenshots here:

Extended tag window

What did the check with the suggested utilities show?

I refer to mp3val, mp3diags and foobar2000>Utilities.

This, BTW, was one of the suggested links that you already got so, if you are

and you think that

then you could speed up things by following the links more thoroughly.

Perhaps I'll find another program. Thanks.

Likely what you are seeing in Explorer is the id3v1 tags, as these get priority. What you are writing are the id3v2.3 tags, which allow for richer detail.

BTW other programs won’t help any better with this. First you need to deal with getting rid of those v1 tags or else you won’t get any further. Here are some places to start.