Windows10 FLAC support Tag invisible

I used MP3TAG several years for my FLAC music tag editing, the FLAC files played by WMP with some plug-ins in Win7 & Win8.1 without any problem.
Recently, after my PC upgraded to WIN10, the Windows native support FLAC function cause lots of Tag display problems. 2/3 of my FLAC file tags information cannot display neither in WMP nor in Explorer normally.
I think that isn't MP3TAG problem, but it seems Microsoft has its own FLAC tag specification?
I need your advice.

I don't know. I can only see that in Explorer the ARTIST is missing

You might like try your own FLAC file by WIN10 Explorer or WMP. If ARTIST field length over 31, many fields miss, such as track No., Album, Composer, even TITAL,,. Try ALBUM ARTIST field length 31 and longer, it shows different result.

There are indeed still issues with the native FLAC tag support in Windows 10. I suggest that you report these with the Windows 10 feedback tool. That's the best way to urge Microsoft to fix their FLAC support.

To get better tag support again in WMP, you can first install the WMP Tag Plus plug-in (like you probably did in Windows 7/8.1). Then you will also need to disable the native support; for instructions see How do I disable Microsoft's native FLAC tag support in Windows 10? in the WMP Tag Plus FAQ.

Very thanks to Tim De Baets for your adviced!

Several parties need to fix the FLAC tag issues together.
I used WMP+Plug-in to play FLAC for years, FB2000 for convert file and Mp3tage for most tag content editing. I tried various ways to let Win10 WMP display FLAC tag information normally as before. Although it is not perfect, it really has some improvements. If your original FLAC tag no show, Here are some tips. I also hope Mp3tag can help on item 3. 'Date' issue & item 4. 'Artist' no show.

(In my case, I use Mp3tage & FB2000, you might like use other tools)

  1. Check if any 'Artist' length longer than 31 characters? If yes, add a short 'Album Artist' (less than 31 length) to the Album. Save the tag and you will see the 'Track#' & 'Title' showed.
  2. At explorer check if all files Album image there? If not, load the album with FB2000, select all files and force all tags re-Save again. (Use all properties, delete 'Album Artist', YES to save and re-add 'Album Artist' than save again). You can see the Album image now. (I tried Mp3stag to save the album tag, but image no show)
  3. WMP FLAC 'date' no show issue. Actually WMP display 'date' by takes metadata. But most tag editor tools support only, so we need use WMP or Explorer to edit 'YEAR' to show. I don't know WMP or Tools which one is right? and who should fix the issue?
  4. 'Artist' no show issue similar to 'date', you can only use WMP to edit it. Once you get the 'Artist' showed at WMP (Explore still no), you cannot use other tools to modify it, otherwise the 'Artist' will be overridden.
    It seems FLAC tag has different versions or someone didn't follow the rules. I have no idea who response for what issues? only wish solve it ASAP.

Can Mp3tag see any help to item 3 & 4?

You've chosen a quite old topic for your first post :slight_smile:

In Mp3tag, you can simply select the FLAC files, press Ctrl+X to cut the tags to the clipboard and Ctrl+V to let Mp3tag rewrite them in the way which also Windows Explorer likes.

Been looking for a solution for this problem for a while now without going through too much hassle. And you just solved it for me. Easily in my favorite tagger. Thanks Florian!

Kind regards, Berry

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