[wine] Discogs authentication fails

Since I've migrated from Windows to Linux a couple of months ago, I've started using MP3Tag under Wine as there's no suitable alternative on Linux available directly (and MP3Tag isn't directly available a a flatpak or another form).

MP3Tag is starting (although I needed to uncheck the check for updates to avoid a crash), but I can't connect to Discogs.

I'm getting this specific error message: https://i.imgur.com/3NwGtap.png, and I couldn't find anything with the same error message here in the forums. Other reported errors related to authentication failure seem to be unrelated in this case.

I'm running MP3Tag 3.01, in combination with a fresh Wine install prefix (wine is version 5.9-1, from the official Arch repos).

Any tips to help me solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Instead of using wine, did you find anyone on github or other similar development sites creating packages?

No, I didn't find anyone yet, but further than an AUR/flatpak search I didn't go yet. Suggestions to try out would be nice :slight_smile:

I've switched to Kid3 instead (it'll require a bit of adaptation, but it does what I need: tagging & artwork from discogs). puddletag also looked reasonably good compared to mp3tag, but I couldn't get the artwork to work there.

As such I'll no longer use mp3tag (shame, because I liked it a lot when I was on Windows)