Wish filter expressions <field> HAS <field>

It will be very nice - of course with ability to use functions too.
For example: NOT "$left(%_parent_directory%,3)" IS "$left(%artist%,3)"

And will be nice too to save "forever" some important filters. Now I can't use the new feature Shift+Delete history, because I have 40-50 complex filter expressions what I don't want to delete. Method may be with horizontal line in filter history (the expressions under line will not deleted with Shift) or a button with dropdown list on toolbar or any else.

More: will be useful the ability to reorder filter expressions in history - and in all history lists too.

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You can use
"$if($eql($left(%_parent_directory%,3),$left(%artist%,3)),1,0)" IS 0

Really, it works. Thank you!

Idea: the simplest way to make these changes in use of history lists: not to include them into .cfg file, but to separate them in individual files like, for example, .mte files.

I've added an option to manage the filter list, including named filters and reordering with Mp3tag v3.14b.

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Thank you, perfect solution. Unfortunately, with a little carelessness: something has changed with the language encoding. For example, earlier written törpe now seems törpe. If i type it again by hand, it stays correct. (But i am waiting to see, if you want to change anything, may be.)

Thanks for pointing. It's a UTF-8 conversion issue which I'll fix very soon...

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Other. After the first use (OK and closed), if i click on the small arrow (to handle the filters again), the list will be almost full windowed. (It certainly affects: i have a lot of filters, and some are pretty long.) It was not like that before. Whether it is planned or not, i do not know. Whether it is practical or not, I do not (yet) know (though more likely it is practical).

It is also important: this is the case only, if i have left the long lines checked (in the manager). That is, it depends on the length of the marked filters. By the way, this marking option is a great new feature, thank you!

It's fixed with Mp3tag v3.14c. It will take your pre-v3.14b filter expressions and convert them correctly, so no data should be lost (except for what you've added and edited in the past minutes with v3.14b).

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Yes, but you can also specify a Name for these extra long items which will then be used in the menu instead of the long format string. I'll think about trimming those extra long strings to a reasonable size in the menu — thanks for pointing.

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Yes, the encoding is perfect; thank you, Florian.

(Fixed in 20 minutes... I have never seen such support.)

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I agree, seems to be the best compromise.

Really! Thank you for pointing.

Also useful: it is now possible to delete the filter quickly. You need to add a new filter. Its content is nothing, its name is Empty the filter (or any similar). It should be pulled on top. It can be used quickly with the mouse (selecting the "filter" in the old, usual way).

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