WMP11 and Album-Artist tag

Hi all,

I've been using mp3tag for years and it has so far been working out great for me.
I just purchased a Windows Media Center PC and I'm struggeling with getting it to recognize my music correctly. I think the reason is that WMP11 uses a weird logic when building the database on how a song relates to an Album and an Artist.

I found this article on the subject

I have tagged my mp3s with
Artist, Album, Title, Year, Genre and sometimes comment
I let mp3tag generate the file names using this convention
Drive:\Music\%artist%\%year% %album%\%artist% '['%album%']' $num(%track%,2) - %title%.
so that all my tracks are first in directory by Artist\Year Album\Song

It seems that WMP11 uses the tag Album and Album-Artist to build the relationship. Is there a way that I can use mp3tag to copy the Artist tag information to the Artist-Album tag for all my files?

I haven't been able to figure out how see the Album-Artist tag in mp3tag, so far I've only been able to see it in WMP11 and most of the time I do not have the right information or it's blank.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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as far as I can tell the field Artist in mp3tag = "Contributing Artist" in WMP11.
But WMP11 uses "Album Artist" as the main tag.

The question is now how to copy "Contributing Artist" to "Album Artist" for all my mp3 files?

"Album Artist" is BAND in Mp3tag
How to mass-convert:

thanks Dano!

I just found the answer on the board in thread
which is similar approach as you suggest, ie create a new Action
with properties

Action type: Format value
Field: BAND
Formatstring: %Artist%

and it works great! Saved my bacon - I wasn't looking forward to updated 10.000 tracks by hand in WMP, ugh!, that would have been a real nasty exersize.

thanks for the help!

This action will work OK for many of my albums, but you might want to handle the albums that are Album Artist = "Various Artists" differently. Each individual song probably has a different artist while the album is various.

Just my "two-cents"