Write error when modifying FLAC tags

I just downloaded the new Muse album from HDtracks in FLAC format and wanted to modify the tags. I've done this in the past with files I've downloaded from HDtracks and have never encountered a write error. The error that pops up is " File xxxx.flac cannot be opened for writing". I'm using Mp3tag v2.90a. As far as I can tell, the files are not write-protected. The only difference I can see is that the Muse files were encoded using Lavf58.12.100 and other files which I can write to were encoded with Lavf57.34.103 and others.

Any ideas? I've already emailed HDtracks asking about this. Thanks!

There was a report about the failure to write tags to flac files because the cover was very large:

Don't know if this is here the case.

Ahhh.....forgot to mention that the cover art is a tiny 18MB! :slight_smile: I also just received a reply from HDtracks suggesting I perform a FLAC-to-FLAC conversion. I'll try reducing the size of the cover art first and see what happens. Thanks!

Update @ solution...

The problem was the 18MB 4000x4000 cover art. After extracting the JPG and resizing it to a 1000x1000 300k file, was able to save and edit without issue. Thanks for the quick help!!!

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