[WS] Bandcamp


A quick WS script I whipped up. Due to Bandcamp’s undocumented crappy search and shuttering its api, the main script only queries albums and the second script (more experimental) tries to form the artist’s bandcamp page (artist.bandcamp.com) to search for releases. Anyways, they “work” for the most part.

What info is gathered:

Cover (hi-res)
Comments (or Description) (optional)

[Updated: 0.04, notes in another post]

Bandcamp.src (4.57 KB)

Bandcamp___Track_Search.src (4.56 KB)


Updated. I have more luck searching , so I set the index parser to search that field accordingly.


Updated. First time I used it in awhile and I noticed that it had difficulty parsing one of the variants of "trackinfo: "

Fixed for now…


Updated websource. Sorry about the jankiness from my older Bandcamp scripts. Admittedly, they were done in a hurry. No one mentioned anything to me here, so I thought they worked well for others. Again, I don’t use Bandcamp all that much, so I tested this recently and found the one I posted from last year was broken. This one should be much better (using sayregexp now). See OP for new src file.


Umm, how do I query an artist?
I don’t have any albums, only individual Songs but nearly all of them are on bandcamp and got a cover there.


Artist pages often times don’t have the track info you’re looking for. Also, one would need to go to another page, which is beyond what the index parser can do (index -> URL; not index -> URL -> URL2).

I updated the initial post to include a source that permits searching for single tracks.


Just wanted to say thanks for the nice web source. It’s great that Bandcamp is accessible from Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Kind regards
— Florian