[WS] Beatport.com by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Set "OPTION:TRACK_ADD_PADDING" "Add # at the start of this line to turn off this option"


# Set "OPTION:TRACK_ADD_PADDING" "Add # at the start of this line to turn off this option"

And the very bottom of scripts delete this or comment out:

OutputTo "ALBUM"
Say " ["
SayOutput "CATALOG #"
Say "]"

Read through the scripts. There are lots of headers to show examples, this like this one:

# #:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::#
# #                            .:: T A G    C U S T O M I Z A T I O N ::.                                   #
# # • You can add your own web source scripting here                                                        #
# # • ONLY disable the ALBUM [CATALOG #] here                                                               #
# # • Disable the other fields in the .:: R E M O V E    F I E L D S ::. section below                      #
# # • To disable place a "#" in front of each line of code between the headings. e.g.                       #
# # ALBUM [CATALOG #]                                                                                       #
#   # OutputTo "ALBUM"                                                                                      #
#   # Say " ["                                                                                              #
#   # SayOutput "CATALOG #"                                                                                 #
#   # Say "]"                                                                                               #
#   # COMMENT                                                                                               #
# #:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::#

Thanks Steve!
all is workin now!

Sorry for bothering again...
but isnt showing the full name of the track on the "TITLE" field (i.e. Moomba >> Moomba (Original Mix)
How to fix this?

url of the release: https://www.beatport.com/release/moomba/4155756

You were very close in the code when you changed the other.

RegexpReplace "\(*Original Mix\)*" ""           # Replace "" to your liking, block this with # to keep the original setting

Add # to the beginning of this line.

I used to have this as (OM) but generally if it's anything other than an original it'll have the remixer at the end so I disabled it by default.

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Thanks for takin your time to help me on this Steve. u rock! :hugs:

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Guys, can you show some support for this suggestion to have an external JSON file read by Mp3tag to display a settings dialog to allow users to change preferences via a UI and not have to delve into the code?

I don't mind answering support questions but a lot of them have been answered multiple times.

The benefit of this, is that these settings can be brought forward with any future upgrades or bug fixes, provided I don't change a JSON object name :innocent:


x64 beta version does not see the scripts. x64 version is installed to x86 folder so it can't be x64...?

Works here (Check your installation)


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Looks like you have recently updated from 32 to 64-bit. Did you follow these update notes for this?

MotleyG is correct. Thanks for the help, chaps :slight_smile:

Here's a bit of a snag for you to look at...

I searched for the following by release and didn't get the correct result, just a load of other random crap.

Search by release
Album artist: Detlef
Release: Backflash

I already know the label - Moon Harbour
Release info:

Dave, you shouldn't delete that post that solved your issue. This is what the forum is all about.

I'll look into that after work tomorrow.

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OK, I just didn't want to clutter the thread with my ramblings

To fix it, I deleted everything and reinstalled the x64 package. It then installed into the correct folder.

To get the sources working I extracted your V6 zip into "C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\data\sources"

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I've got a question as well. Would it be possible to get a Track Direct with the ISRC code?
Do we need to search for it first? ISRC searches directly come up with the track in question so it would be amazing if we can skip the search window and go straight to the tagging with that.

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Hello, I have a few questions:

  1. how to set the full name of the album in the search by a TRACK Search by Fi&Lename.src?
    Now in ALBUM field I get track name only. (or with BEATPORT_TRACK_ID if i set)
    For example: Words
    But original album name: Words (remixes)

  2. How to remove remixers from the artist field.
    I would like to leave only the main artist in the artist field.

  3. If i search with RELEASE Search by &Filename.src and I don't have all the tracks from the compilation or album, it only shows the number of tracks I have and it's not possible to change the order of the tracks in pop-up window. Is this a bug?

For the macOS-aficionados among you, I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.8.1 which includes all the necessary additions for v6:


Not sure, will check later. Try searching that in the Beatport search box. If nothing then no you can't.

I'll need url examples for each.

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I tried searching for the ISRC, it came up perfectly in search :slight_smile:
Hmm seems to work only for selected tracks :frowning:

In lieu of this new core functionality Steve, you could put all of the USER OPTIONS into a separate dedicated .inc file, so that there is a single location to manage them, and also reduce the likelihood that someone will accidentally break a main script.


That would simplify things for me tremendously, but only if possible ofc.