[WS] Beatport.com by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

For the macOS-aficionados among you, I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.8.1 which includes all the necessary additions for v6:


Not sure, will check later. Try searching that in the Beatport search box. If nothing then no you can't.

I'll need url examples for each.

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I tried searching for the ISRC, it came up perfectly in search :slight_smile:
Hmm seems to work only for selected tracks :frowning:

In lieu of this new core functionality Steve, you could put all of the USER OPTIONS into a separate dedicated .inc file, so that there is a single location to manage them, and also reduce the likelihood that someone will accidentally break a main script.


That would simplify things for me tremendously, but only if possible ofc.

That's why I asked you guys to show support for my suggestion in an earlier post here. It's a little bit more complex than an external file but by an external JSON file which drives a GUI, that writes the settings back to the JSON file, followed by retrieval of the setting with a new function named GetVar with an argument of the setting to get in the .inc files.


I see tremendous value in your suggestion, but imagine that this is a significant new piece of functionality for Florian to develop and test. I was proposing a less burdensome alternative using an [include] to read in the USER OPTIONS section. Assuming of course that such a thing (i.e. an .inc within an .inc) would even work.

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Apologies I don't recall ever seeing that post then again I just started using the Android app for this platform too. :man_shrugging:. Either way thanks for everything you do and have a great Friday night TGIF!!:boom:


I think to make it fool proof that this is the best way. Yes, it'll be not easy to develop but would make it more appealing for users to modify scripts to their hearts content with one or two clicks.

I guess to start with the JSON file support could be added first to sort of future proof the next idea to open the UI inside Mp3tag to write to the same file.


Hi, @stevehero!

Any possibility to change INITIALKEY from e.g 06A to Gmin, 10B to Gmaj?


  1. Album name "Gimme Some Keys - Remixes" link: https://www.beatport.com/release/releases/3949729
    if i use "TRACK Search by Fi&Lename.src" on single track, then the album name is obtained simple "Gimme Some Keys" as here: https://www.beatport.com/track/tracks/17172803
    Is it possible to make it so that when using "TRACK Search by Fi&Lename.src", the original release name remains "Gimme Some Keys - Remixes" as here: https://www.beatport.com/release/releases/3949729 ?

  2. On same release: https://www.beatport.com/release/releases/3949729
    If possible, in the "artist" field, leave only the main artist, without a remixers.
    For example, now it looks like this: Matroda, Thykier - Gimme Some Keys (Thykier Remix).mp3
    And I want it to be like this: Matroda - Gimme Some Keys (Thykier Remix)

  3. On same release: https://www.beatport.com/release/releases/3949729
    For example: If I do not have all the tracks of the album, but only some of them, then when using "RELEASE Search by &Filename.src", there is no way to set the correct match. Can this be fixed somehow?

That should be an easy fix as that info is in the JSON. Perhaps a new USER OPTION could be added for Key type to be either Camelot vs Musical key. I personally prefer Camelot key as I DJ, and that is something of a standard for DJs.


I don't think any of these can ever be resolved by a script:

  1. you are searching for a "Track" on Beatport it therefore has no album associated with it, and is nothing that a script can fix.

  2. If you look at the Beatport listing, they have identified both artists as authors of the track. Again, a script cannot know that you wish to overwrite what is coming from Beatport.

  3. You are attempting to match data for the wrong release. Search for the correct release and you should be able to match.

These source scripts can be incredibly helpful, but you cannot rely on them to perform magic tricks for you, so you will need to invest a bit of energy, and sometimes creativity to match up the correct release and to get the data looking the way you want it. Search by filename is probably not the best script for accurate matching, you would be better to use search by Artist& Release to get more accurate matches.

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  1. My bad:

In the TRACK scripts change:

OutputTo "ALBUM"
json_select "name"


OutputTo "ALBUM"
json_select_object "release"
json_select "name"

That'll get the actual release name you wanted.

  1. I think you've broken the scripts somehow as there are a lot fewer TAGS than stock. See 3 below. But I need to know what script you are using.

  2. My release scripts work for this using any of the RELEASE scripts.

Welcome aboard @Clins. I will try to find time to add that to the scripts tomorrow as an option.

Not sure what you mean. It does work. See here: https://www.beatport.com/search?q=NLRD52264058

I'll add that also when I get the time. But that's only be for the TRACK scripts :slight_smile:


I checked everything and corrected the errors found. Now everything works. Thanks a lot.



I'm very happy with the new version, one thing is not working when I'm not wrong and that's v6.0 can't find promos in Beatport anymore. As a DJ I receive promos that are unreleased but they are already visible as pre-order in Beatport.

For example


Are not found when pressing CRTL + i (track search by title) These tracks will be found once they are released at Beatport and available as a regular order.

I wonder what has changed that pre-order tracks can't be found anymore. Many thanks in advance for fixing this.

If Beatport cant find what you're looking for, neither can the scripts. Sorry, email them and raise a ticket with support. My scripts can't fix this.





Even with the &preorders=true switch in the URL, nothing comes up. So 100% a beatport issue with their search.


Yes, you are right, very stupid of me I didn't look at it the way you just did. I emailed Beatport about the problem. Once they fixed it, we might all profit from this and even be more happy with your beautiful scripts :wink:

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I don't think there's any point in adding searching by ISRC. I could see the benefit of doing it if there was a direct URL I could parse but you have to search which I can't see the benefit in.

I could get it direct with this URL but it's missing a lot of info in the JSON.

This okay?

User option will be this:

# INITIALKEY CAMELOT KEY OR MUSICAL KEY OPTION (Leave Set for Camelot or not for Musical key)
# Set "OPTION:INITIALKEY_CAMELOT_KEY_OR_MUSICAL_KEY" "Add # at the start of this line to write the Musical Key"

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v6.001 2023.07.23

  • ADDED: Option to get the Musical key of the tracks along with the Camelot key. New user option OPTION:INITIALKEY_CAMELOT_KEY_OR_MUSICAL_KEY' inside .inc scripts.
  • CHG: Deleted "Beatport by &stevehero v6#RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + Release (150 Results).src" as &per_page=150 switch is no longer working plus searches are much faster so no need really for them.
  • CHG: Deleted "Beatport by &stevehero v6#RELEASE Search by Release (150 Results).src" as &per_page=150 switch is no longer working plus searches are much faster so no need really for them.
  • CHG: Renamed the date-sorted RELEASE search scripts or greater clarity. Please note this seems to be broken ATM. Could be an Mp3tag, Beatport issue or mine :roll_eyes:!
  • CHG: Spring cleaned the search by ID scripts to not show the full URL in the Search by input box.
  • FIX: With the TRACK scripts, the release name of the album wasn't the true name of the release.

It appears there's no method for sorting by date for releases.


Going to delete the ones in the starting post and reupload them with the same version number as they're just taking up space. You can always click the RELEASED header in the search results dialog to sort them so no biggie.