[WS] Discogs Album search + VA

Same here: no cover art added when [using the standard search option], even when there's cover art available. Hoping for a new script soon! Thanks in advance.

P.S. Discogs seems to have trouble with umlauts. If any of the parameters contains an umlaut (e.g. "Björk"), I get a "Bad request" error.

dano can you plz update, no discogs covers visible anymore. problem already solved in the new pone mod BUT we want the use your extended one; much better much easier! thx for the great work over and over again!


Yay!! It's working again. You're my hero!
Thanks once more, Dano.

dano you wizard!
thx again

Thanks a lot, it works fine!

Getting a "no entries..." error on titles that should be found as they are in the database of discogs.
I've tried artist + title // standard search on several albums.
I've re-installed the latest version of the program / scripts
Others having the same problem?

EDIT: Switched to pone mod which seems to work fine. I can tag again! :music:

Hello dano!

Im using your script and have a question.

Got tags from discogs and i want to rename files and folders this way:

[%catalog#%] %artist% - %album% (%year%)$num(%track%,2) %artist% - %title%

Trouble is ... what syntax for %CATALOG#%? :rolleyes:

Figure out :w00t: %Discogs_Catalog% :w00t:


This is a great script and I've been using this the past few days after now taking on the challenge of fully organising my DJ mp3 collection.

Not sure what's happened, presume it's on the Discogs side, but I'm not getting the tracks displayed in the search results? It returns the release details, just no tracks?

Is it possible to get 'release date' tagged? The exact date is important to help catalogue the individual tracks for me.

Also, how could you map the "style" field to the "genre" tag? Generally the trance/dance music is all tagged 'electronic', which is not accurate enough for me. The discogs 'style' field has exactly what I need.

Appreciate your help- thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Guys
No Covers when I Tag any song. (MP3Tag 2.71)

Same here... It really does make a difference not having your tracks with the art on it - any ideas if we can get this fixed?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like Discogs has made some changes on their API - when I search using "Release ID extended" for example I only get this:

yep, same here

I'm using 2.75 and I'm getting the same problem... blank results when using extended search (release ID, artist+album, etc)

No one? :frowning:

The same here, no help? :frowning:


I changed the original Discogs script to use the Script to select by Release ID.
extract the rar file and copy this in the Script folder.

mfg LePatron

ReleaseID_on_Discogs.rar (1.24 KB)

ReleaseID_on_Discogs.rar (1.24 KB)

Thank you very very much!
I registered to this forum just to write that :laughing: