[WS] Discogs Album search + VA

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next update, now with credits and notes

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I have just one suggestion: Often you see artists like this "Hugo (2)" (-> http://www.discogs.com/artist/Hugo+%282%29), because there are many know artists with the same name. I personally don't like this, I just want the artist name without the brackets. Therefore I added the statement regexpreplace "(\d+)*" "" in every tag that is somehow related to artist information, namely artist, mixartist, album artist, credits, notes

For those who like to get the Track-positions (A1,A2,...), just add the following lines between the "do" and "moveline" (there are two positions like this in the discogs.src - you need to add it to both):

# Track Temp
outputto "Track Temp"  
findinline "<td class=\"track_pos\">"		
sayuntil "</td>"
say "|"

seems like the scripts for extended infos have a little problem at discnumber, track temp & mixartist with single track releases. it writes the correct information, but it is followed by "|". If no information is present at these tags, there is only "|".

could not figure out what causes the problem

Finding by Artist is not working well.

For example, try

A few albums do not show up.

Is this the latest discogs build for relaes id extended? I cant get it to work. It picks up no track details and gives me an error on style :frowning:

:rolleyes: Updated again.

-Added shortcuts to the file names.

Hi dano,

sometimes &discogs#Search by A&rtist.src isn't working but &discogs#&List Artist Releases.src. and vice versa.
And for this Band Search By Artist finds 20 releases but List Artist Releases finds 58.


"Search By Artist" actually searches for the artist and is limited to 20 results
"List Artist Release" just appends the artist tag to the discogs url

ahh, ok.

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I have an issue with discogs search on release! I tried 2 different albums but it seems it gets no Track information. The fields from 1 to e.g. 20 remains empty. Did discogs update their page or what am I do wrong? It worked fine for me the last 2 months...
Maybe the web source script needs an update? Two examples where the script didn't get any infomation on the tracks:

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Same here, seems like all the discogs script do not work anymore. I think everything is still working, however the track names are not getting downloaded. Can someone offer a solution?

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FWIW, Discogs changed the layout of the 'tracklisting', to add new tables and search for those tracks in iTunes. I noticed the errors started when this change tookplace.

As to someone's earlier question about names like Juan Atkin 3mb, you have to use the MAIN name, not an ANV and not a 'featured' name.

So for release http://www.discogs.com/Hakan-Lidbo-A-Chain...release/2203298, you can't search for artist 'Hakan Lidbo', you have to search for 'Håkan Lidbo'. It's a bit of a pain at first, but once you get used to it, you can go rather smoothly.

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to search Discogs by RELEASE NAME... this would allow us to look up 'various' artist compilations.

First of all, thanks for the update!

But in the newest version of the script, there's a little bug. When you try to import from the Discogs-source with 'Release ID' from a track that has an inch-character in the name (for example, when there is a 12" Remix, see http://www.discogs.com/release/212877 ), the closing tag of the TD is imported in the title.

Hope you can fix this soon, thanks in advance!

Hi Dano

The extended info scripts don't find the Mixartists on discogs pages with this new audio player.
(I've tested only with your &discogs#Release ID &extended.src script file. An example page with this problem is this: http://www.discogs.com/Ada-Adaptations-Mix...release/1784316 )

This is because the command moveline 10 1 leeds to an empty line. moveline 15 1 would point to the right line, but leeds to the wrong line when there is no audio player on the discogs page.

I replaced the moveline with a findline command in my script which is based on yours. That works as far I have tested now.

So at the beginning of both (VA-mode and single artist mode) mixartist sections I replaced this:

            # Mixartist
            outputto "Mixartist"
        moveline 10 1
        if "<tr class=\"track_extra_artists"

with this:

            # Mixartist
            outputto "Mixartist"
        findline "<tr"
        if "<tr class=\"track_extra_artists"

So what do we need to edit to get the tack names to appear again?