[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Newest version: 4.4joker01 (uploaded May 31 2016):
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Script Installation & Usage:

  • use Mp3tag 2.50 (or newer) -
    1. Download the zip file & extract it.
    2. Move the extracted folders into the Mp3Tag profile folder:

    (just copy&paste this into windows explorer adress bar).
    3.a if you install my script for the first time:
    Move the Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 file into the Mp3Tag profile folder.
    3.b if you update my script:
    Delete the new Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 file and keep your old one.
    4. Load Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 into Mp3tag.
    5. â–Ľ Run this action group: Discogs Pone>Update Settings Mp3 File.
    6. Open the Extended Tags Window and edit the tag-field values of Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 to customize the script.
    7. â–Ľ Run this action group: Discogs Pone>Create Scripts .
    8. â–Ľ Now you can use the web scripts.

The Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 file stores your settings for the script. Do not overwrite it with the new settings mp3 file when you update the script. Keep you old file if you have customized it before.

Delete the new Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 file when you update the scirpt and you have the file already from an earlier 4.x version of the script.

The old Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 file from the discogs pone mod 3.x is not compatible with the new 4.x script.

You don't have to run the export files manually, they are started by the action groups.
To change the options of the script at any time, reapeat steps 6 & 7.

What the script does:

  • it can write all information from discogs in whatever tag-fields you like
  • you have many different options how to format/combine/split/choose the discogs information
  • you have 16 different ways to search for a release at discogs
  • you have a extra script for releases which have more than one song in one track (tracklist for multi song tracks)
  • you have a extra script for mp3s where you have the whole album in one file (tracklist for DJ Sets in one file). If the discogs page gives the tracklengths for that release, you can have a action which generates a .cue file based on the tracklength and names from discogs.

Version 4, what has changed?

Basically it's all new, but the biggest changes are:

  • It is now based on Discogs API, not on Discogs HTML pages any more. This will it make more stable in the future.

  • The setting file is now completely different. It has now 9 sections instead of the over 100 different fields.
    Each section is one tag field. In these sections you have now the different options in different lines. Do NEVER change the text before this ">" character there.

  • The artitst names can be written in many different ways now. More explanation on that in a few days.
    It's the most complicated part of the script.

Anleitung und weitere Erklärungen auf Deutsch hier (nicht mehr ganz aktuell, betrifft noch die alte 3.x Version)

Newest version: 4.4joker01 (uploaded May 31 2016):
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Thank you jokertest for keeping the skript alive!


I've updated the scripts:

  • the script killed the last genre if the release has more than one genres. that's changed now. so all styles and all genres are written in the genre tag now.

  • I've included an action group for Mix-CDs in the package (see starting post for description)

  • i found a little problem with single track releases (see starting post for description). could not fix it. if someone can help I will be glad. the same problem is in dano's original script, so you can also help there: [WS] Discogs Album search + VA

this update is beta yet, multitags value don't work as they should.
so only download if you are interested in development.

i added %album artist% and removed the tracklist form %unsyncedlyrics%, no problem with that.

i also want to change discogs style and discogs genre into a multivalue tag for foobar2000. this doesn't work yet. the problem is described here:

edit 2010-01-21:
there is a new Beta2 Version. the old didn't work due to changes at discogs.com.

edit 2010-01-24:
the changes of this Beta Version are now included in the full package in the starting post.

I find the name of the script misleading as it does not add any real lyrics.
What do you think?

This should be fixed with the recent Mp3tag version.

You are right, but I can't edit the topic name. If you can do it as moderator, feel free to do so.
But I don't know how to name it. Maybe "Discogs Style=Genre" or "Discogs Multivalue Genre" (not appropiate for the current version, but comming tonight or tomorrow).
You can also change this to a collecting thread for all modifications of your script. Or you can merge the whole topic into the thread of your script. Then I would change the script name simply into "Discogs Album Search + VA, Pone Mod". I was thinking about doing so at first when I started this thread, but decided against it because I think most mp3tag users searching for scripts don't read the full threads but only the topics and the first posts within. So I thougt it would be usefull tol have a fast overview of the scripts by just looking at the topics.
So you are the moderator here, you can decide how to keep this overviewly ( :wink: ĂĽbersichlich).
Maybe it would also be useful to introduce a pinned topic which keeps an overview over all discog scripts and mods of them. Something which just names the names of the scripts and mods, the tags they write, the search modes and a link to the post where they are attached.

yes, works now. great!

I updated the sript (v2.1).

I changed my media player. Before I was using WinAmp, now i use foobar2000. I did so (besides of library search speed, which took over ten seconds in WinAmp due to the enormous size of my audio collecton. now it's one or two seconds) because foobar2000 seems to support every tag you want. That's of course what I dreamed about using a script which writes all discogs information in tags. Now I can see them all in the media library. But my media player change has also led to some changes i made in the script. So here's a update.

  • I shrinked the heavy lyrcis section the script had before. Now only Discogs Credits and Discogs Notes are writen there. Before there was also the a repetiton of all other tags and the full tracklist. I kicked the repetitions because I don't need them with foobar showing all tag. And I kicked the tracklist because it led to too much search results with foobar. (Foobar scans the all tags for search, including lyrics. WinAmp scans only a few without lyrics. So with foobar i had displayed all tracks of a compilation when I searched for one artist who had a track on it. This was pretty muddled when I searched for artist present on five or more compilations.)

  • I've added the tag %album artist% again like in the original scipt by dano. It has exactly the same information as the Band tag in it. I had deleted it before because it is not supported by WinAmp. I included it again now because it is the standard tag in foobar2000. Even if I changed my foobar settings to "band", I want now both tags to be flexible to every media player.

  • Different genres are now seperated by ";" instead of ",". This enables foobar2000's Albumlist to list one album under differnt genres instead of a compound genre.
    An additional saving after running the script is necessary for getting correct multivalue tags. Without an extra saving, the genres are in one tag and separated by "\\". So you have to press Strg + S after running the sript.
    (the problem is discussed here)

  • I also did a minor change in the script due to changes at discogs.com because the old version wasn't working any more since December 2009.

Please tell me if anyone is using my script. I won't upload any further updates if I am the only one who is using it.

@ forum moderators:
Dano has suggested to change the name of the scipt because "Lyrics" is confusing. But I can't change the name of the thread. Please change it to "Discogs Pone" or "Discogs Album Search + VA, Pone Mod" (or whatever you like). Would be a good idea.

thanks bro, works perfectly, I was looking for the artist-song search and found this.

Thanks pone. This script is awesome! I am a new user of mp3tag and with this script I should finally be able to organize my collection... Cheers.

Hi Pone! First of all THANK YOU for Your awesome script (I'm using it all the time for all my mp3s). But still, since the 1st of April of 2010 Your script stopped seeing track names on discogs :frowning: There is a topic started on support page. Also, there were few scripts offered as a substitude to Your, but still, Your script was the best till today. If possible, please check what You can do to improve Your script.

For the record: scripts offered on support page were containing interesting script with support of import of DISK TITLES (If CD 1 called or mixed by one DJ and the second one by another).
Scripts attached. Would be fantastic if You update Your script or explain how it should be done to experiment by myself (I've never done it before and have no idea how discogs and scripts are working together).

Have a nice day

discogsapi4djs_upd.src (14.5 KB)

discogsapi4djs_at.src (14.3 KB)

Update 2.2:

I did some changes in the script to adapt it to the changes on discogs page. The old version wasn't working since April 1st. It works now again an gets track titles.

For DJ-Mix CDs in one mp3 file: I changed the way to get the tracklist into the lyrics a second time. Before you had to copy and paste them manually and then I had an action group which deleted the mixartist and overwrote the artist & title with album artist & album.
Now I have made an additional script which you have to run AFTER you have tagged a file with one of the other scripts.This second scripts gets the tracklist, adjusts artist & title and deletes mixartist.

When "Various" was part of an artist or album name (like here: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Production-...release/1706213 ), it was changed to "va" like the album artist placeholder for compilation. This bug is fixed now.

I've added a new search method: Artist & Label

I changed the name of the script files from Discogs Lyrics to Discogs Pone.

(see starting post for download)

Fixed. Nice that you like my script.

I will have a look at those scripts. I have experimented with disc titles but could not get a sollution. Mainly because disc titles aren't consistent formated at discogs. Somtimes they have "discnumbers" (which causes my script to get the tags wrong, e.g. here: http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Kings-O...release/814835), most of the time not. Sometimes they are only written in the notes or in the credits.
But maybe I can get the most common type into the script. But I don't think I have time to do this in the next few months. All I know about how to write this scripts have I found in this forum and in the help section. I you want to try it yourself, feel free to do so.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PONE! You're genius! I've been trying to understand how these lines in tags are working and simply started copying every needed tag from different scripts here on forum. Basicly it was EXTENDED DISCOGS ID framework and Your mod. But now, Your script is working like a charm! Everything I need in tagging mp3s. Maximum information about every single track. So I begin to tag my mp3 collection. Thank You very much again! Take care!

P.S. From all of the scripts around here, Your script is the best (IMHO), as it is simple takes everything from DISCOGS and completely fills every needed form in tags.

I'm using the discog script 2.2, which I think is developed by you. Currently, the unsync lyrics adds the credits and notes to the credit field. but if i download lyrics, it wiped the credit information out.

how can i modify the script to put the credits and notes in the the credit field, which I was using before i upgraded to the current version and add the lyrics from leolyrics in the lyrics field.

I have put discogs' notes & credits into the unsyncedlyrics tag because in this way they can be easily fied in the most audio players with lyric plug-ins.
But of course you get a problem when you want to add proper lyrics and don't want to delete the notes & credits info from discogs. (Personally I don't care much about real lyrcis as I listen mainly to electronic music without lyrics. Also I don't want to run a second script to search for lyrcis from another source.)
But of course you can do so.
In the mp3tag tag source scpripts, the command "outputto" defines which information is writen into which field. To get the notes & credits into different tags, do the following steps:

If you want to have both, discogs' credits and discogs' notes in the credits tag in the same form as it is now in the unsyncedlyrics tag, go to the end of the script where it says:

# Lyrics
outputto "unsyncedlyrics"

and change it into:

# Lyrics
outputto "credits"


You can also change the "# Lyrics" in whatever you want as you don't write lyrics anymore. Everything behing "#" is just for my orientation and is ignored by mp3tag.
You can also choose another tag name, just put it in quotationmarks after outputto. For expample:
outputto "credit"
outputto "discogs_credits"
outputto "notes_and_credits"
outputto "discogs_notes_and_credits"

You can also split notes and credits into different tags as it was in dano's scripts which I used as guideline.
For this delete:

# Lyrics
outputto "unsyncedlyrics"

Then got to the next line which says:

# Credits
gotoline 2

and add an extra "outputto" command like:

# Credits
outputto "credits"
gotoline 2

Then you go a few lines lower and also change:

# Notes
gotoline 2


# Notes
outputto "notes"
gotoline 2

Again you can replace the tag in quotationmarks by every tag you want.
You have to change all 7 direct & search scripts.
For the tracklist for DJ sets script (if you use it) you also have to alter the additional

# Tracklist
gotoline 2


# Tracklist
outputto "tracklist"
gotoline 2

But I don't think that makes sense because you will no lyrics for dj mixes which comprise of different tracks/songs. So the tracklist in the lyrics tag makes sense here.

Ahh, I just read that you were using danos script before.
So use

outputto "Discogs_Credits"


outputto "Discogs_Notes"

to get these things in the same tags as before.

But you can still use dano's script. His script is working. Just download his newest update.
The problem with getting track names came most propably from a change at the discogs page at the begin on April, not from dano's script. In fact dano updated his script first to get it working again and I just coppied his changes into my mod.

My Discog scripts (2.0) has stopped working in the last three days.

I can still access Discog, but all the fields show blank.

Has something changed?


I just logged in to say I can confirm this. However, the Pone script is not at fault, but changes in Discogs are. Igor Shergin is on top of this, thank you for pointing stuff out for us code illiterates. <3

I haven't verified if these fixes work with Pone yet, will do so soon. If anyone beats me to the punch, please let us know your findings.

Edit: Forgot to mention. For example the freeware tool Notepad++ has a nicely working "search and replace" function, which you can use to quickly complete the second fix, at least.

I have updated the script.
Newest version is 2.3.
See starting post for download.

Besides the adaptions to the changes at discogs i have also made some additional changes:

Publisher and Catalog # will now be written in multivalue tags if there is more than one. Don't forget to do a second saving (just press ctrl + s / strg + s) after running the script, otherwise you will have just one tag with "\\" between the two (or more) values.

There are five new scripts for new seach methods:
Album + Label
Album + Year
Artist + Year
Label + Catalog #
Standard Search

Thank you aeris for carrying. I also read Igor Shergin's advices and was already testing when you wrote this. His fixes worked perfectly. I hope you didn't do the same work at the same time. Anyway, nice to see your help.

Nope, I just stumbled on the problem yesterday. My plan was to carry out and test the fixes later this evening, but I see you're already on top of it. I installed your new version this morning and like you said, the fixes work perfectly, as do your new features.

Thank you, Dano et al for doing your great work. For us information addicts, your work cuts the time needed to grind those tags by 80% or more :slight_smile:

Update 2.4:

updated: I changed BAND to ALBUMARTIST according to the changes in Mp3Tag v 2.46d. This only affects the way the tags are named inside Mp3Tag. For other media players or any other applications the tags keep the same. See here for more information:
[F] Mp3tag v2.46a - 'Album Artist' Not Correct

new search: direct by URL

fixed: Label with a leading "The" in the name are now changed from "Label, The" to "The Label".

fixed: Labels with a comma in the name have been writen as two different Labels in multivalue tags before.

see starting post for download