[WS] Discogs (pone mod)



Thank script works, only stopped prescribing tag "Series", put a dash - instead of the serial title and disc number by a dash

  • How to add a tag "page of information on audio files" "(the name of the field " WWW AUDIOIFILE ") ? - tag matches with the tag "www" (on the release information on www.discogs.com) ?


I have an new thing there for you.
Just noticed that it doesn't work jet with cetrain settings.
Wait a minute. I will do another update and explain it to you.


Update 3.23

There was a problem with conflicting settings when you had different fields (label, series, catalog#, series#, genre, style) to write only the first value form discogs.
This is fixed now.

To have the Series together with ther Series Number in one field, you have to use the following settings now:
At all four fields:

This works better as before now. You won't get a dummy " - " for releases without a Series.

Did you read my answer above?:
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)



it works, thank you


hi all.

first i want to say thanks for that awesome mod. its so easy to handle the media organisation. many, many, many thanks for this great work

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

so but i have a lil problem too. i have the fiel


selected and it doesnt work. its only copy the content to the first field...

and can i add individual fields with the same content like in catalog #?

i tried to add a field call Album_ID with a modded version of catalog# in the end.

thx for your help and keep on this awesome work

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It works. I use it myself.
The problem is most probably the behaviour of Mp3tag with multivalue tag. I guess you get outputs like "cat01\\cat02"?
That's all a script can do, as for some technical reasons which I don't fully understand, Mp3tag is not able to write a multivalue tag field with a web sources script.

There are two quick ways, to transform "cat01\\cat02" into a correct multivalue field:

a. (the method which I used until recently):
Press Ctrl + S after running the script. That additional saving process transforms "\\" into a multivalue seperator.
You have to display the all fields with mulitvalue tags in the tag panel to transform.
And you have to do it for every album seperatly. I works only if all files have the same values in tag fields which should become multivalue fields.

b. (the method which I use now):
Make an action group that seperates your fields:

Action: Split field by seperator
Field: CATALOG #
Seperator: \\

You can combine more actions (one for every tag field) into one action group. I my group, there are three actions, for the fields: GENRE, PUBLISHER and CATALOG #.
That method has the advantage, that you don't have to display all fields in the tag panel, and you can process that for different albums in one go, as it doesn't matter here if the fields have the same values or not.
If you use the "&" character in for a action group's name, you can make it controllable via keyboard short cuts.

You can copy the value of one field to another. But that writes the same value into both fields, no matter if multivalue or not. To do so use:

If you want to get a modded value of one field into another or more fields, you would have to use the TEXT OPTION: FREE WEB SOURCES SCRIPT CODE FOR ... SCRIPTS fields. But those need some knowledge of Mp3tag's web sources script syntax.

so many smilies from mr hofmann, that will give me interstings dreams tonight :smiley:

Discogs, Composed by or written by info?
Beatport.com WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]
Post in German moved here.


hi again,

thx for that nice intruduction in the extendend pone mod. i tried the source / target copy function and works without any probs. many thanks. so i am a bit sorry for asking this stuff. when i would spend some more hours testing, perhaps i could find this solution by myself.

and a little addition. i delete all contens with multiplay contens...like a release from the same album from different labels. i only keep the main or bigger label...the other doesnt matter :rolleyes:

so again many thanks and keep on the good work :w00t:

PS: its hard to sleep when you visited dr. hofmann, isn't it? :rolleyes: :music: :rolleyes:


so you could also select:

This would always give you only the first label. So you would not need to delete one of them manually. But if you want to choose yourself which one you want to keep, you have to do it like you do it now.



Pone mod doesn't find every album?

I've always used the standard mp3tag settings for Discogs but since Discogs changed some stuff it no longer searches for the artist name but album.

So now I was recommended to use Pone's mod but I'm a big noob when it comes to all those settings :stuck_out_tongue:
I think the mod at standard might be sufficient for me but I just tried to find something on Discogs but the Pone mod "failed"?

I have an mp3 called "Bobby Burns & Afrojack - Ghettoblaster". When I clicked the quick Discogs search, the pone mod opened and asked for artist or album so I entered "Bobby Burns". Then, a list appeared from Discogs' albums but "Ghettoblaster" was not listed.
Though when I search manually on Discogs, it's there.
So I then had to search for "Ghettoblaster" in the pone mod for it to find the correct one.
Maybe it's my lack of knowledge how to use this script? Please explain.

I'd also like to ask if it's possible to use the Pone mod in the same way like mp3tag originally did?
What I mean is this: normally I had to click the Quick Discogs button and when as little as the artists & title was filled in, mp3tag would automatically open the correct/corresponding album.
Is this possible with the Pone script? Please explain also :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and kudos to Pone. It's probably quite a bit of work to make and maintain such mod.



As you have noticed, my script used various search methods, most of them can be explained via the discogs page.
Generally, it does find everything. I never experienced that something was not found which was on discogs. Spelling differences can be a problem at finding album, or of course wrong titled album. Thing like "Volume" "one" "Part" "EP" "and" are also a problem, if they are spelled differntly as on discogs, e.g. "Vol." "1" "Pt." "E.P:" "&", they are not found. Best think is to leave them away for search. Some of these things are omitted automatically, when the script looks into your tags for search input.

Now to your question. You have read this form the starting post?:

The script where you can enter everything which is related to the album is "Standard Search".
It displays this page, your release is on top:
All releases there have your search words at some places, no matter if Aristnames, Tracktitles, Albumnames, Notes, Credits, whatever. I think this is what you want. I'm not sure how the old version of Mp3tag's discogs script worked.

The method I use most are the various "Search by ..." scripts. They use Discogs' "Advanced Search":
There you have specific input boxes for each value. You normally don't have to enter anything in there if you have already some values in you tags. The script reads your tags and uses them as search input. But you can check and change them of course.
I don't know exactly wich one you have used.
If you have used "Search by (Album)Artist" with the search "Bobby Burns", you get this list, your relase is on place 8:

Note that there is no script which "asks for artist or album", as you say it. Search by "Search by (Album)Artist" means, that when look for search input, the script looks first into the ALBUMARTIST tag field, and if that is empty into the ARTIST tag field. At the dicogs site, search for Artist means always search for the Albumartist. There is no method at discogs to search for individual track artists.

Note that when you use one of the Search by... script which search with two values, you have to keep the short URL format part like &release_title= or &track= in the search box between the two values.

Some more examples:
"Search by Album" with the value "Ghettoblaster" give you this list. Your release is again on place 8:

"Search by (Album)Artist + Album" with the value "Bobby Burns Afrojack&release_title=Ghettoblaster" (the &release_title= part is filled in automatically) gives you this, your releas is on top:
If there would be only one album in the list, the list would be skipped by the script and the album would be opend automatically.

"Search by (Album)Artist + Title" with the value "Bobby Burns Afrojack&track=Ghettoblaster" gives you the same list in this case, but you can see that "Ghettoblaster" is now in the Track Title field instead of the Title field (Title means Album-Title here):

The other script are explained above, I think.
The "Direct by..." script make only sense when you use your web browser for search and copy & paste the ID/URL from there into Mp3tag.
The "API ..." script search in pages which you normally don't see at discogs.
"API-List Artist" for "Bobby Burns": http://api.discogs.com/artist/Bobby+Burns?...&releases=1
"API-List Label" for "Spinnin' Records": http://api.discogs.com/label/Spinnin%27+Re...&releases=1

Generally, when you use the Web Source (Quick) button, always the last web source you used is opend.
Use the button right next to it to select a specific one.
Or use the Keyboard Shortcuts via the menu bar, that is much faster I think.

EDIT@ your EDIT:
Yes, so it is :smiley: so while I've written this, you have found out yourself.


Update 3.24:

I fixed the multivalue tag options to the changes in Mp3tag. This update is only needed when you use mulitvalue tags and when you have installed Mp3tag 2.49b or 2.50

This will be the last 3.x version. The next one will be 4.0. It will be built upon Discogs API rather than their HTML pages.
There will be lot's of new options. Mainly around the artist names. You will be able to choose between the Main Name (Primary Name) and the Name Variation used on the individual release page (Artist Name Variation, anv), you will be able to choose if extraartists are written with or without their role, you will be able to write special fields for some roles, ...

And the setting file will get a complete new desgin with only ten pseudo tag fields, but these will have more lines.

Most propably there will be no update action for the setting file from 3.x to 4.x. You will have to do a new set up when you switch to 4.x

Tell me what you think about that! Maybe you have some good ideas I haven't thought about yet.

Thanks for 400 downloads of the last version. Nice that you like my script :slight_smile:


Thanks again.

Freue mich auf die "Nächste Generation".


Hi, thanks again for your great (and improving!) script ; )
I was wondering if it is possible to always remove all leading zeros for tracknumbers. In a previous post I found this:

Apparently this doesn't work for me, I still get leading zeros. Maybe other settings overwrite these settings, I'm not sure. Anyway, some help will be appreciated!!


what is your desired tracknumber format?

for 1, 2, 3, ...:
all DISCOGS~TRACK... Fields = no

for 1/10, 2/10, 3/10,...:

The reason for that logic is, that 1, 2, 3, ... is the inbuilt numbering system in Mp3tag's web sources. If you you don't choose something else, you will get that.

In the coming 4.0 version this will be easier in the options.

I see that you quoted the same advice which i've given you now. If it doesn't work, you can send me your settings file and I will have a quick look into it.


d/l-ing now. thanks for the update :slight_smile: cannot wait for 4.0 :wink:


It is working! If you have a closer look you'll see it's not quite the same advice :wink:

Anyway, I'm looking forward to 4.0. I'm surprised you were using the Discogs HTML pages all the time :astonished: Switching to API should be great.


I've been playing around with this mod some more and 2 questions came to my mind:

  1. Does the option DISCOGS_MASTER YEAR provide the year for the master release (i.e. ORIGYEAR)? If so, it's apparently not working for me...
  2. This one is a bit crazy: Would it be possible to create some sort of list of all the tags in the settings file that do not contain 'no'. It would be very useful to keep track of what is activated so you don't mess up the file after a while.


I now use "Direct by URL" to get the year directly from the master release page, like is mentioned in the changelog. I'm not sure if it's the best way, but it works.


DISCOGS_MASTER YEAR provides the year, but only if you use the master release page for tagging.
The Problem is, that you can't get any information from the master release page when tagging from a normal page. The only exception is the Master ID itself.

My sollution for the master pages is not the most intuitive, but it allows individual usage of the master pages.
I "doubled" all fields which are present at the master pages and at normal pages. So the user can decide how to use it.
1.) Like a normal release page for those users who don't care about all tag fields. In this case, map all DISCOGS_MASTER... field to the same fields as the corresponding DISCOGS_... fields.
2.) As a search tool to find the exact release with the API-List Master Release Page script (that's how I'm using it). In this case, use only DISCOGS_MASTER RELEASE ID and set all other fields to "no".
3.) If you want a field like ORIGYEAR, you could use only DISCOGS_MASTER YEAR = ORIGYEAR and set all other fields to no. This is something which I didn't thougt about when writing the script.
You have to do an extra search for that. "Direct by URL" has the problem that you normally won't have the MASTER URL in the WWW field after tagging from a normal page. I can think about to sollutions for that for the next update:

  • writing the master URL to WWW (or a different tag field) only when present, if not, write the normal release URL.
  • using the field mapped to the master URL for search with the "Direct by URL" script if present, if not, use the field mapped to the normal release URL.

No wish is crazy enough for the possibilities of Mp3tag :laughing: . Make an export script with the following code and use it for export of the settings mp3 file.
$filename(my discogs tag fields.txt,utf-8)$regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($regexp($list(, = ,<>),<>,\r\n),'^[^\r\r]+ = no$\r\n',),^ALBUM = .+?$\r\n,),^ARTIST = .+?$\r\n,),^TITLE = .+?$\r\n,),^COMMENT = .+?$\r\n,),^WWW = .+?$,),^ZZ REPLACES 1.+,)


EDIT: nvm, fixed was an issue with installation :slight_smile:

using your script to generate cue files from discogs, handy :rolleyes:


the only thing is when there are multiple CDs you have to manually edit tracklist to generate cue for specific CD


That's right. I was thinking about splitting the tracklist to different files at multi CDs, but that doesn't work without failures, due to the different track-numbering systems used at discogs.

You have to edit the tracklist before you are applying the "create cue sheet" action. And you have to apply the action to every file/disc for its own.