[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

That's right. I was thinking about splitting the tracklist to different files at multi CDs, but that doesn't work without failures, due to the different track-numbering systems used at discogs.

You have to edit the tracklist before you are applying the "create cue sheet" action. And you have to apply the action to every file/disc for its own.

How long we have to wait for version 4.0? I cannot wait :smiley:

really a great script but unfortunately downloading cover art does not work anymore. no error messages. just no cover art is displayed nor attached.

"OPTION: DOWNLOAD COVER ART" is set to "yes"

any suggestions or did I miss something?

thanks in advance

It still works for me.

Had it worked before for you?
Is it for all releases or only some?
There are some releases without cover artwork at discogs. Have a look at the release page in your browser and check if it is actually there.

thank you for the fast reply

yes it worked on mp3tag 2.49 and pone script 3.7

for all.
when you search by artist, for example, there is a listed overview of search results where a column indicates that there is a cover available. these entries seems to be correct. but when i choose one the cover-image field of the next window is empty


Do other web sources with cover art work for you?
You can use the google images script for testing: /t/11166/1

Possible reasons for cover fail with all scripts:

  • firewall settings which block picture downloads of applications
    => check the settings of your firewall if you have changed this

  • slow internet connection:
    => in Mp3tag, go to File > Options > Networking: increase the "Timeout" seconds.

If you the cover artwork appears in the "Adjust tag information" dialog window at web sources but is not stored anywhere, check the "Utils" button down left at the same dialog window. Make sure that you have checked "save image to tag" or/and "save image to disc" there.
[ok, you are writing the image field of the next window is empty, so that can't be the reason]

In the settings mp3 file of my script, make sure that there is no trailing space or similar after the word "yes" at:
Are you using the newest version, 3.24 ?

unfortunately not :frowning:
so i guess pone script has nothing to do with it.

since i have indeed some trouble with my internet connection i gonna continue trying when i have fixed his :slight_smile:

nonetheless thank you very very much

Hi pone,
It's been a while but I've finally found the time to look into Mp3tag. I noticed you answered my two questions. Thanks very much for that! The export script is definitely working and exactly what I need.

I still have some questions about the master tags. As I understand, I'll have to search an extra time in order to retrieve the original release year. Right now this is only possible by using "Direct by URL". The problem I experience is that neither the master ID nor the master URL is retrieved when I set those to "yes" in the settings file. As a result I don't get the automatic input in the search scripts. I've tried adding the tags manually and in that case the automatic input does work.

I'm also a bit confused about the the master ID and master URL. You mentioned the master URL isn't always retrieved: wouldn't the same then account for the master ID? If you look on the release page, the master ID is mentioned two times in the HTML code. Both times it's part of the master URL. Also, could you show me a release page where the URL cannot be retrieved? I haven't been able to find one :flushed:

Thanks again for your help!

Do not use "yes" for the fields which start with "DISCOGS_". Either the tag-field name where you want that information, or the "no" if you don't want it.
for example:

DISCOGS_RELEASE ID = discogs_release_id

DISCOGS_MASTER RELEASE ID = discogs_master_release_id

If Master ID & URL are written when tagging from normal release pages, is controlled by the following two yes/no options:


I forgot to mention this before. The second option allows you to use one field for both, Master URL and Release URL, if you set it to "NO". Or you can write it to two different fields is you set it to "YES"

The Master URL & ID can of course only be written if the exist. They don't exist for releases with only one version.

If you want the "Direct by www" Script to look for the Master Release Page, open the .mte file and replace the fourth line with one of the following two lines. After that use the action "Discogs Pone>Create Scripts..." again.

if you want to use the Master URL:

[SearchBy]=$regexp($lower($if2(%'$if($eql(%DISCOGS_MASTER RELEASE URL%,no),www,%DISCOGS_MASTER RELEASE URL%)'%,%'$if($eql(%DISCOGS_RELEASE URL%,no),www,%DISCOGS_RELEASE URL%)'%)),^www,http://www)

if you want to use the Master ID:
[SearchBy]=$regexp($regexp($lower($if2(%'$if($eql(%DISCOGS_MASTER RELEASE ID%,no),www,%DISCOGS_MASTER RELEASE ID%)'%,%'$if($eql(%DISCOGS_RELEASE URL%,no),www,%DISCOGS_RELEASE URL%)'%)),^www,http://www),^(\d+),http://www.discogs.com/master/$1)

Hmm.. I expected this to work since I had both options set to no. Strangely, it still doesn't write the master tags. I've exported my settings file so maybe you can have a look. I tried to keep my settings file clean so perhaps I've done a too thorough job :stuck_out_tongue:

All Right. Discogs changed some details in the html code. That's the reason for Master ID & URL not being written from normal release pages any more.

I will do a update soon.

Is that the reason the discogs info window on the left now stays blank leaving you the choice to add nothing but the cover?

hello Pone,
i experienced the same issues as Lord13.

as you said before discogs has changed the code again.
is there an easy fix for this?

btw, i really appreciate your great work.
thanks a lot for this great time-saving script! :music:

Discogs Pone Mod 4 - unfinished version

So, here is the long anounced 4.0 version. It's not fully finished jet, but I'm using it for a few weeks now and most thing work perfect.

Basically it's all new, but the biggest changes are:

  • It is now based on Discogs API, not on Discogs HTML pages any more. This will it make more stable in the future.

  • The setting file is now completely different. It has now 9 sections instead of the over 100 different fields.
    Each section is one tag field. In these sections you have now the different options in different lines. Do NEVER change the text before this ">" character there.

  • The artitst names can be written in many different ways now. More explanation on that in a few days.
    It's the most complicated part of the script.

UNFINISHED: - I haven't made any automatic update action yet. You will have to addapt the setting file yourself from the start.
  • Cue Sheet Export does not work for all releases yet. It works for some releases. Other give a error in the tracklist caused by some regular expressions

  • Help texts / documentation is not fully done yet. The newly aranged setting file will have a help text at the end of each section in the file. I have only started to write these help text and they are very uncomplete

INSTALLATION: Same as before. But skip the Discogs Pone>Update Settings Mp3 File action! Don't use it! Use the new settings file from the download and use only the Discogs Pone>Create Scripts action. This action does take much longer than before. Over a minute on my laptop. This is due to the many regular expressions involved in the export scripts. So don't cancel the action when you think it has hang up. It hasn't, only takes some time.

Future questions:
I don't know if I will update the old html script. Maybe I do so and run both scripts parallel. And maybe I will make an update action which gets your old settings to the new file. So keep your old setting file for the time being.


  • see starting post for download -

Great, thank You Pone for your perseverance and work.

Failed to work on the first attempt/install, showing everything blank now (covers too). Maybe a mistake on my part. So I deleted everything pone mode related from "actions" and "export" folders as much as the "Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings".
Then I unzipped the contents of the new version into Application Data\Mp3tag as usual, ran the "Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings" skipping the "Discogs Pone>Update Settings Mp3 File action" as pone said, only running the Discogs Pone>Create Scripts action and giving it some time to do its stuff. Everything seems good after that. :wink:
Just saying that in case someone has a similar problem.

pone> Thanks for the update man! Your work is appreciated!

For me works well.
But if I want to changing something in script, then how to save this settings to script? I must Update Setting or Create Script?

Hi Pone,

This new script that works with the API is great - thanks for the continued work with discogs - I really appreciate it.

I've tweaked the settings to just how I like it but I'm stuck on one small detail.

Barcode and Other Identifiers: >

  • with headline >yes
  • multiline >yes
    Extrafields: >
  • delete extra fields from main section >yes
  • value/description format >

You can generate extra tag fields for Companies and Barcodes and Identifiers.

MASTERED:Mastered At<>PRESSED:Pressed By<
MATRIX:Matrix / Runout<>BARCODE:Barcode<

I'm sorry but I don't understand your instructions here. I would like separate tags for: BARCODE, MATRIX, ASIN, RIGHTS SOCIETY and LABEL CODE. Would you mind showing me how to set this up?

Thanks again for your time

many thanks Pone for sharing this beta-version with us.

works fine for me.
but there seems to be a problem with special character such as apostrophes, german "umlauts" or the scandinavian 'bolle' Åå.
these get replaced by a code.
not really a problem since you can edit the affected lines by hand.

thanks so much for the update!

@ Lord13:
Deleting the old discogs pone export and action scripts should not be necessary. The old one are overwritten by the new ones with the same filenames.

If you want to change something in the script, change the settings in the settings mp3 file and use the Discogs Pone>Create Scripts... action afterwards.
(The Update Scripts action doesn't update the things you change. It updates the things I am changing at new script versions (new options, new tag fields, ...). I haven't made such an update for the 4.x version yet. That's why you need to use the new settings file and don't have to use the Update action.)

here is a example how to set this up:

Barcode and Other Identifiers: >UNSYNCEDLYRICS

  • with headline >yes
  • multiline >yes
    Extrafields: >BARCODE:Barcode<>MATRIX:Matrix / Runout<>ASIN:Asin<>RIGHTS SOCIETY:Rights Society<>LABEL CODE:Label Code<
  • delete extra fields from main section >yes
  • value/description format >value (description)

The first line defines the tag field for all Identifiers which are not seperated. If you don't want that leave it empty after the ">" character

If you use the same tag field as for Credits, Notes and Companies, it's a good idea to set the second and third line to yes.

In the fourth line, you can define the extra tag field. The format rule is: >your tag field name:discogs identifier name< . You have to use the exact spelling from discogs to get the script right. Note for example Matrix: You want your tag field to be named "MATRIX", so you use that befor the colon. Discogs calls it "Matrix / Runout", so you have to use that after the colon.
You could also combine different Discogs identifiers to one extra tag field, for example:

CODE:Barcode<>CODE:Matrix / Runout<
That would combine Barcode and Matrix in one tag fied called "CODE".

In the fifth line you can decide if the content of the extra fields should stay in the main tag field for barcode and identifiers or if it should be deleted there.

In the sixth line, you can define the format of the extra field, if there is a extra description at the different discogs identifiers.
For example this release: http://www.discogs.com/release/129725
Here you have the descriptions "text" and "string" at Barcode and "CD1" and "CD2" at Matrix / Runout.
Here are some format examples for the first line there, Barcode (String):

Setting: value (description)
Output: 4 001617 383629 (Text)

Setting: descrition: value
Output: Text: 4 001617 383629

Setting: value
Output: 4 001617 383629

Can you give a example release? And state for that release which umlaut characters are replaced by what?
That doesn't happen for me. I've made many test about that. Do you have the newest Mp3tag version (v2.50)?